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Movie Review – See How They Run

See How They Run review. A fun whodunit premise with fun-loving actors. But the big mystery at the heart of everything just doesn’t connect.

2022 Yamaha Electone Arrangement 6: Ceoi Soeng Kuk (隨想曲)

Electone sheet music and registration data for 隨想曲 (Ceoi Soeng Kuk), a 1982 classic Cantopop hit by Paula Tsui Siu Fung.

House of Dreams @ ION Art Gallery | Barbie Exhibition in SG

House of Dreams at ION Art Gallery is the largest-ever free Barbie exhibition in Singapore. With over 600 gorgeous dolls on display.

Movie Review – Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn review. A “reboot” of sorts wasted by terrible effects and godawful dialogue. With a mystery that isn’t explained too.

5 VR Games to Get Your Hands On

Keen to experience the best of virtual reality with games? Here are five titles to check out!

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2022

Stately peacocks and classic Indian music instruments take centre stage at Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2022.

Re-Route Festival 2022 at Little India

The three-week Re-Route Festival 2022 encourages you to re-explore Little India with an alternate perspective. One that’s interpreted through the eyes of design.

Movie Review – Pinocchio (2022)

Pinocchio 2022 review. Visually gorgeous, no doubt, but rather stripped of heart by the decision to simplify many story elements.

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