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Movie Review – Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins review. It’s the best G.I. Joe live-action movie so far. But remember, there has only ever been two others.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation | An 80s Fanboy Review

Masters of the Universe: Revelation review. It’s a mixed bag, to be honest, but it did make me dig out all my old Mattel toys.

Chinese Hell Gods Names and Duties

A guide to the many Chinese Hell gods in active worship today.

Hell Museum at Jalan Kayu Joint Temple | Home Tourist Photo Essay 18

Har Paw Villa is not the only place in Singapore with a Hell’s Museum. At Jalan Kayu Joint Temple is an equally grotesque exhibit.

Asian Movie Review – Dynasty Warriors (真·三國無雙)

Dynasty Warriors (真·三國無雙) movie review. A thrill for fans of the games. Hard to swallow for viewers accustomed to classic Chinese historical drama.

InVideo Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

InVideo is a stylish online video editor, with thousands of templates and elements, that allows you to quickly create video content like a pro.

How Social Media Can Maximize Your Business

Social media engagement is one of the most effective, modern ways to maximize your business. However, you must use it correctly.

The Best Thai Temples in Singapore | Home Tourist Photo Essay 17

While there aren’t that many, and none are as grand as those in Thailand, there are still several gorgeous Thai temples in Singapore.

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