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Doomfang. Known in the Southern Counties as werewolves. An aberration of nature, where man becomes indistinguishable from beast.
Short Stories

Short Story – Doomfang

(View or download of this short story by clicking here.) PART ONE Things did not go well with the Doomfang. Firstly, it did not fall for the bait. One glance at the putrid mess that was previously a human arm,...

An online short story about a rogue, a humiliated noblewoman, and a mysterious signet ring.
Short Stories


http://www.lifefailsblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpembed/../../../wp-embed.js She came to me in a tavern full of pirates, brigands and murderers. Her demeanor and dressing suggested otherwise, but she was quickly taken to be of that trade, and so she was showered with jeers, taunts and offers....