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Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2020

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2020 was intended to be more modest and subdued. But I think there’s still more than enough festivities for everyone.

A Gift for Your Inner Child

This Christmas, have you considered reconnecting with your inner child? It could be the best year-end gift to indulge in.

Movie Review – Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians (Film) review. 2/5 stars at best as a Rom-Com. Full marks if intended as a scathing satire on the Singaporean mentality.

Witch Hunting (Singlish Post)

Witch hunting existed throughout history. Focus on not giving mobs a reason to go hysterical, rather than blame the outcome. A Singlish post.

Band Advisor

An acquaintance is frustrated by his appointment as advisor of his school band. He ended up frustrating me, and probably most of his students too.

F’s Nice Colleagues (Singlish Post)

Should nice colleagues be the deciding factor whether to leave a horrid company? A discussion written in Singaporean Singlish.

The Purpose Of Education

Assassination Classroom, or Ansatsu Kyoshitsu in Japanese, examines the purpose of education in an over-the-top, humorous way.

Hey! You’re Being Investigated For …

Despite efforts of the Singaporean government, the notorious DHL parcel scam and all its variants continue to plague citizens of the city state.
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