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The Benevolence Of Malice

What Would Change The World Utterly?

Consider this. What is capable of changing the world overnight? Is it the ability to travel to the stars? The technology to harvest resource from other planets? The knowledge to eradicate any sort of illness?

Or is it the ability to control life? To have absolute say in how life should be, down to when it begins and when it must end. The Benevolence of Malice is a series of loosely connected short stories set in an Earth that had gained technological dominance over human life. Criminals are no longer born, because crime has been made irrelevant and impossible. Deviants no longer exist too, because each person is made and conceived for a special purpose. Is this utopia? Is this the perfection of humanly existence? Or is it actually an unending nightmare that no one can hope to wake up from? Read this stories. Place yourself in that world. Then decide for yourself.

For something as important as ReLiving, as your next life, trust only the original experts.

Short Story – Prelude