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Movie Review – The Warriors Gate

The Warriors Gate movie review. Some sort of Karate Kid & Forbidden Kingdom in-between. Two hours of lazy and lame humour.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2020

Though much smaller in scale this time, Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland 2020 is more relaxing and easier to enjoy.

Witch Hunting (Singlish Post)

Witch hunting existed throughout history. Focus on not giving mobs a reason to go hysterical, rather than blame the outcome. A Singlish post.

F’s Nice Colleagues (Singlish Post)

Should nice colleagues be the deciding factor whether to leave a horrid company? A discussion written in Singaporean Singlish.

It’s Pokémon No Go For Me

Pokémon GO? Snooping about hunting for creatures? It's a no go for me, Sir. Here's are my reasons for not succumbing to the latest smartphone app craze.

Singaporean Batmans. Hah?!?!

The Singaporean online lynch mob strikes again! This time, it is to punish the witch who rolled over a dog and responded with very colourful language.

SGD 3,500. The Price of a Rant

SGD 3500. The fine Singaporean Bryan Lim is ordered to pay after a bout of unthinking babbling in an anti-gay Facebook group.

Imitation (Singlish Post)

Why do people buy imitation goods? Because knock-offs are cheaper? Because originals are too expensive? Or because needs are actually cheap?
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