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Immortalized Moments

My photography adventures began in 2008, after I came back from a vacation and concluded, gosh, my handphone pics look awful! (2008 cheaper camera phones, come on) So I geared up with a DSLR and started reading tutorials voraciously. Nowadays, I brag about being a “semi-pro” photographer selling through stock libraries, with my portfolio consisting mostly of travel photos or food pictures. The following posts involve my occasional outings to increase my portfolio, or better-looking handphone pics I managed to capture. On the latter, isn’t technology marvelous when there’s money to fund it? In less than a decade, the tiny handphone lens can almost match up to a lower-end DSLR!

(BTW, my photography posts include video game screenshots. This is not strictly photography, I know. But with more and more games providing camera functions to showcase their virtual worlds, who knows whether this would soon be a proper genre?)