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The Man Who Witnessed Tomorrow – Part 3

Click here to read Part 2 The plan involved them splitting into two groups. Jones and Michela would distract the Unnamed with conversation at the...

The Man Who Witnessed Tomorrow – Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 It was enlivening to be on the streets again. Those stationed at the Seat would disagree, but what would...

The Man Who Witnessed Tomorrow – Part 1

The reporter came dressed for the role. She had a beige trench coat bundled around her. One of those uni-colour, many-pockets types much favoured...

Short Story – The Child In The Mirror

(View or download the PDF version of this short story by clicking here.) The child was exuberant. He was free. Free. Unshackled from his disapproving parents....

The Man Who Witnessed Tomorrow – Part 4

Click here to read Part 3 “So everything was a lie,” Nancy said. She was strangely calm, her demeanour, her posture, no different from any...

MRT Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating. One of Singapore’s deadliest social traps. This happened to my two elderly ones i.e. my parents recently. It involved the reserved seating on...

5 Shinto Myths Retold

A collection of the four most important Shinto myths. Written in “modern” style for humour as well as easy reading.
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