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You Know You’re Aged When …

40 signs that points clearly to the fact that you're no longer ... anywhere near the prime of your life. In other words, you're aged!

MRT Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating. One of Singapore’s deadliest social traps. This happened to my two elderly ones i.e. my parents recently. It involved the reserved seating on...

A Lifelong Game of Numbers in Singapore

Grim as it might sound, life in Singapore is often one lifelong game of numbers. A game that lasts from seven to seventy.

You’re Boring. So Says Root Letter | Jan 6, 2016

I spent three nights playing Kadokawa Games' Root Letter, and reached the conclusion that I'm a hopelessly boring person.

I’m Too Aged for Yakuza 6 Live Cam Sexiness | Gaming Quirkiness 2

You know you're old when even a hot babe can't get you to do Quicktime sequences correctly. As I discovered in the Yakuza 6 live cam chatting mini-game.

Why I Love the Smurfs (And How I Might Be a Borderline Socialist Convert)

I love the Smurfs because they are oh-so-adorable and cute. And also because they exemplify the wisdom of the socialists.

I Love the Xenomorphs!! | May 14, 2017

A little disappointed with Alien: Covenant. The Xenomorphs were not fully developed. And certainly not as scary as the ones in the original movies.

25 Must Know Horror Movie Quotes for Tricky Life Situations!

Ever been lost for words during complicated and frustrating life situations? Here are 25 horror movie quotes to help you along.
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