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Asian Movie Review – City Without Baseball (無野之城)

City Without Baseball movie review (無野之城). The first of several controversial movies by Hong Kong producer Scud, this is arguably his tamest.

2020 Yamaha Electone Arrangement 8: Come Home Love: Lo and Behold Theme Song

Downloadable Electone sheet music and registrations for TVB’s Come Home Love: Lo and Behold Theme Song.

Asian Movie Review – Heaven and Hell (第三类打斗)

Shaw Brothers’ Heaven and Hell (第三类打斗) movie review. Truly, the weirdest kung fu brawler ever released by the prolific Hong Kong studio.

Asian Movie Review – Lost Souls (打蛇)

Asian movie review of Shaw Brothers’ Lost Souls (打蛇). One of the most brutal Hong Kong exploitation movies ever made.

Asian Movie Review – League of Gods (封神传奇)

League of Gods (封神传奇) movie review. Just what were the producers hoping to achieve with this western RPG rewriting of the classic Chinese saga?

Asian Movie Review – Na Cha The Great (哪吒)

Na Cha The Great (哪吒) movie review. This Shaw Brothers’ periodic piece is no more than a promotion vehicle for their then rising star, Alexander Fu Sheng.

Asian Movie Review – Chinatown Kid (唐人街功夫小子)

Chinatown Kid (唐人街功夫小子) movie review. A cut above other Shaw Brothers productions, thanks to more complex portrayals of the two leads.

Short Story – The Hidden Dragon

(If you prefer it that way, view or download the PDF version of this short story by clicking here.) I was ten, no, nine, when...
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