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http://www.lifefailsblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpembed/../../../wp-embed.js She came to me in a tavern full of pirates, brigands and murderers. Her demeanor and dressing suggested otherwise, but she was quickly taken...

Short Story – Doomfang

(View or download of this short story by clicking here.) PART ONE Things did not go well with the Doomfang. Firstly, it did not fall for the...

These Retro Gamebooks Will Be Perfect As Video Games!

Gamers, wouldn't you want to explore the universe as an Interplanetary Spy, or battle sheer evil as a Kai Master?

Glossary of Wuxia Terms, Characters and Techniques

New to Wuxia movies or novels? Baffled and struggling with the many terms and names and places? Here's a glossary to assist!
Movie reviews, Singapore events, free Electone arrangements, and guides to being a video game tourist!

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