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Cultural Divides

There are some in Singapore who claim to rigorously defend it from cultural divides. Actually, I feel they are the ones most responsible for such rifts.

Boom: An Essay On Murder

How about this? A holiday you've been dreaming about for months, if not years. One that you would never get to return home from. Because you fell to murder.

You’re Boring. So Says Root Letter | Jan 6, 2016

I spent three nights playing Kadokawa Games' Root Letter, and reached the conclusion that I'm a hopelessly boring person.

That OBOR Conference Snub

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee wasn’t invited to China’s OBOR Conference. But is it really that big a deal? Should Singaporeans be losing sleep over this?

That Eisner Award Win

Comic artist Sonny Liew is the first Singaporean to win three Eisner awards. Yet, the country is not rejoicing. It’s locked in political debate.

That Singaporean Identity

What exactly is the Singaporean identity? Is it to have a face that immediately declares you were born and bred in the city state?

That School Caning Case

Is school caning an appropriate punishment for bringing poker cards to school, in a country earning revenue from two casinos?

How SOME Singaporeans Are Worsening the MRT Breakdown Crisis

My thoughts on Singapore’s ongoing MRT breakdown crisis. Within two months, this has worsened into tunnel floods and peak hour collisions.
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