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Disgust. Pure and simple

These are posts about events and incidences that had elicited a good deal of disgust from me. Some involve random incidences at work. The rest are my reactions towards things reported in the newspapers. Regarding the latter, as much as possible nowadays, I try to avoid reading such news articles. I really do. But it’s kind of hard to avoid these stories, especially when I’m not the only one who’s turned off, and they are splashed all over social media. If I come across as being hysterical or even vulgar in these posts, please do forgive me. It’s hard to stay calm, when confronted by abysmal things.

There are some in Singapore who claim to rigorously defend it from cultural divides. Actually, I feel they are the ones most responsible for such rifts.

Cultural Divides

How about this? A holiday you dreamt about for months. One you would not return home from. Because you fell to murder.

Boom: An Essay On Murder

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee wasn’t invited to China’s glitzy OBOR Conference. But is this snub really that big a deal?

That OBOR Conference Snub

Comic artist Sonny Liew became the first Singaporean to win three Eisner awards. Yet, the country is not rejoicing. It’s locked in political debate.

That Eisner Award Win

That Singaporean Identity

That Singaporean Identity

Horizon Primary School Caning Incident

That School Caning Case