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Chinese History Listicles

Top-10, Top-5 lists on the best, and the absolutely worst, of Imperial Chinese history. These lists were first published on Owlcation.

Top 7 Must Read Classic Wuxia Novels

7 must-read classic Wuxia novels for newbies to the genre. The characters in these sagas are so famous, they are synonymous with the genre.

7 Chinese Beauties That Destroyed Their Dynasties

7 Chinese beauties that destroyed their dynasties. They give justification to the Chinese saying, 红颜祸水 (a beautiful face is disaster).

Did These Legendary Chinese Female Warriors Existed in History?

Disney's live-action Mulan movie will soon be released. But did legendary Chinese female warriors like her existed in history?

Yummy Facts about Chinese Mooncakes

The Lunar Eighth Month i.e. Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us! Here's a rundown of all there is to know about Chinese mooncakes.
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