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Asian Movie Review – Kamui Gaiden (カムイ外伝)

A gritty portrayal of a ninja’s doomed life, Kamui Gaiden (カムイ外伝) invites you to view these shadowy assassins as they historically were.

Asian Movie Review – City Without Baseball (無野之城)

City Without Baseball movie review (無野之城). The first of several controversial movies by Hong Kong producer Scud, this is arguably his tamest.

Asian Movie Review – Goemon (五右衛門)

Goemon (五右衛門) movie review. A creative re-imagination of Japan’s Robin Hood story that delights with gorgeous backdrops and atmospheric fight sequences.

Asian Movie Review – Lupin the Third (ルパン三世)

Lupin the Third (ルパン三世) movie review. It's flawed, but in many ways, it doesn't deserve the flame it received upon release.

Asian Movie Review – Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale movie review. Great for SAO fans. Probably too implausible and bewildering for those new to the franchise.

Asian Movie Review – Gintama (2017)

Gintama (2017) movie review. An enthusiastic celebration of the source material that ends up being way too wacky and weird.

Asian Movie Review – Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade movie review. A slick, satisfying periodic production for those seeking ninja action. However, fans of the anime and novel might disapprove of the story changes.

Asian Movie Review – Parasyte Parts 1 and 2 (寄生獣)

Parasyte Part 1 & 2 movie review (寄生獣). It doesn't wholly capture the essence of the manga. But is nonetheless still entertaining.
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