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Gamers, Pamper and Rejuvenate Yourself at Yoon Salon

Gamers, Yoon Salon has a slew of pampering and rejuvenating premium services for you to refresh yourself with.

Smartphone Comparison – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs OnePlus 8 Pro

Quick comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and OnePlus 8 Pro, if you’re still undecided over which smartphone to buy.

RecordCast Free Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor Review

RecordCast Review. This free online screen recorder and video editor is basic in functions but great if you need to create social media materials quickly.

Japan Travel Articles and Listicles

Links to my various Japan travel and photography articles on other platforms. Please do visit and follow me there for updates.

Video Game Articles and Listicles

Links to my video game articles on LevelSkip. As I seldom don't buy games upon their releases, these articles mostly feature older games.

5 Shinto Myths Retold

A collection of the four most important Shinto myths. Written in “modern” style for humour as well as easy reading.

Chinese History Listicles

Top-10, Top-5 lists on the best, and the absolutely worst, of Imperial Chinese history. These lists were first published on Owlcation.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 2 | St Thomas

A quick and straightforward Yamaha Electone performance of St. Thomas. One of jazz legend Sonny Rollins' most famous composition.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 1 | Speak Low

First YouTube Yamaha Electone upload for 2018! Finally got over (the sting of) the no-more-M-status for you business and worked on something simpler. This is an up tempo latin/jungle beat version of Kurt Weill’s standard, Speak Low.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 3 | Autumn Leaves

A lower grade, modern big band performance of the Jazz classic, Autumn Leaves. This is an arrangement from the Jazz Flavor 3 collection.

High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures

Technology is making our lives easier in many ways but did you know that you can also upgrade your plumbing fixtures and appliances to make them more hi-tech and improve their functionality?

Visiting Singapore Travel Listicles and Articles

Top-25, Top-10 lists and travel articles on what to see and do when visiting Singapore. These were first published on WanderWisdom and Holidappy.

CMYK Event Is Coming to Bayfront Event Space!

Also known as “The Shade of Young Enterprise,” CMYK Event at Bayfront Event Space will feature 500 international booths of food, arts, and handicrafts.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 4 | It’s Only A Paper Moon

Lower grade, straight-forward arrangement of the Harold Arlen classic, It's Only A Paper Moon. Such a lovely tune with oh-so-meaningful lyrics.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 5 | Cute

My first Count Basie song on the Electone. (And I call myself a jazz player; :P) Grade 6 arrangement, with a truly splendid flute section.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 7 | Night and Day

Jazzy Friday! Bossa rendition of my the Cole Porter standard, Night and Day. This has been my favourite Porter song since 1990.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 6 | Shaker Song

Yamaha Electone Grade 5 performance of Spyro Gyra classic, Shaker Song. This arrangement was quite difficult no thanks to the ultra sensitive Alto Sax!

DesignEvo Review – Speedy Online Logo Maker for Folks Seeking a Branded Presence

DesignEvo is a great, easy-to-use online logo maker for those seeking a quick logo solution. As long as you aren’t too fussy.

2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload 8 | Symphonic Christmas Medley

Have a wonderful Christmas every one! Here's a symphonic Christmas medley on the Stagea ELS-02C for you! 🙂

Final 2018 YouTube Yamaha Electone Upload | Life Will Change

Happy New Year's Eve 2018! If this has been a bad year for you, know that Life Will Change for you in 2019!

FlexClip Free Online Video Maker Review

Review of FlexClip. A free online video maker and editor suitable for users of all skill levels. One that's pretty fun to use too!

Visiting Fukuoka, Japan’s Largest City in the South

Visiting Fukuoka, Japan's fascinating metropolis in the South and gateway to the island of Kyushu.

Learning Chinese Morals, the Frightening Way, at Haw Par Villa

Those lovely statues at Haw Par Villa were originally meant ... to teach you the importance of being a nice person.

Last Surprise | Electone Upload

Another Persona 5 soundtrack cover on the Yamaha Electone. This time, it's Last Surprise, the normal boss music.

Beneath the Mask | Electone Upload

Realized the other day I've but played two songs from my Persona 5 Electone album. Here's another piece. The rainy, rainy, Beneath the Mask.
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