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Movie reviews of latest releases and cult classics by the Scribbling Geek.

Movie reviews. Honouring the spectacular world of the moving picture!

Here’s the curious thing. Motion picture making was a major subject of study in my college course, but back then I went all out to shun those modules. In fact, I think I visited the cinema no more than five times throughout those years. Nowadays, I’m an addict. Watching at least three every week. All movie reviews under this tag would be in my snappy review format, this being a visual presentation of thumbs-up and thumbs-down for that movie, followed by a short write-up. Titles featured would be a mix of new releases and older classics. Occasionally, I might also write longer posts on movies that had particularly affected me. These wouldn’t be the usual type of reviews. Instead, more on the issues those shows made me think about.

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