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Scribbling Geek’s 7 Day Netflix Christmas Movie Binge

I indulged in a 7 day Netflix Christmas movie binge. Here are very snappy reviews for all.

Singapore Halloween 2020 | Still a Pumpkin-full of Things to Enjoy

We are still in Phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening. But that doesn’t mean there are no activities and games to enjoy for Singapore Halloween 2020.

15 Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas for Singaporeans | Dec 2020

December is upon us, and it’s time for gift-giving! Here are 15 geeky Christmas gift ideas to consider for your friends and loved ones.

Gamers, Pamper and Rejuvenate Yourself at Yoon Salon

Gamers, Yoon Salon has a slew of pampering and rejuvenating premium services for you to refresh yourself with.

A Gift for Your Inner Child

This Christmas, have you considered reconnecting with your inner child? It could be the best year-end gift to indulge in.

Why Video Games Can Be Great For Your Mental Health

Video games can improve your mental health in more ways than one. Who’d have thought gaming could be so beneficial during a global health crisis?

Movie Lovers, Boost Your Well-Being with these Healthy Movie Snacks!

Delicious, convenient, and healthy movie snacks that you can enjoy without guilt while watching your favourite films.

25 Must Know Horror Movie Quotes for Tricky Life Situations!

Ever been lost for words during complicated and frustrating life situations? Here are 25 horror movie quotes to help you along.

An Introduction to Japanese Nightlife with Sega’s Ryu ga Gotoku Series

Heading to Japan and curious about its night time entertainment? Let Sega’s Ryu ga Gotoku series (龍が如く) show you the best of Japanese nightlife!

4 Famicom Classic Games to Play Before Your China Holiday

These Famicom classic games would provide you with a mini taste of the Middle Kingdom before your grand adventure in China.

5 Famicom Classic Games to Play Before Your Japanese Holiday

5 Famicom classic games perfect for retro gamers visiting Japan soon. Or you could use them to plan a Japanese holiday.

High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures

Technology is making our lives easier in many ways but did you know that you can also upgrade your plumbing fixtures and appliances to make them more hi-tech and improve their functionality?

Visiting Singapore Travel Listicles and Articles

Top-25, Top-10 lists and travel articles on what to see and do when visiting Singapore. These were first published on WanderWisdom and Holidappy.

11 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

Are there any benefits from playing video games? Yes, there are! From health, to social, to psychological improvements.

An Ekiben Journey Across Japan

Taking a long-distance train ride in Japan soon? Don't forget to grab a colorful and exotic Ekiben!

7 Things to Do During an Awful Flight Delay

7 things you could considering doing during an awful flight delay. For example, arrange for flight delay compensation with an app like Compensair.

Chinese Mythological Characters to Know About

Who is Nezha? Who was the Ancient Chinese God of Fire? Here are 108 fascinating Chinese mythological characters to know about!

7 80s Hong Kong Exploitation Movies You Might Wish to Avoid

Their effects might be a little dated today. But these 7 Hong Kong exploitation movies will continue to shock and terrify for a long time.

88 Legendary Chinese Monsters and Creatures to Know About

88 legendary Chinese monsters and creatures to know about, and fear.

50 Legendary Chinese Artifacts to Know About

50 awesome and fantastic legendary Chinese Artifacts to know about. Many of these are from the classic saga, Investiture of the Gods.

10 Classic Noodle Dishes to Enjoy When in Singapore

10 inexpensive and traditional noodle dishes to enjoy when in Singapore. These noodle dishes are widely available throughout the country.

Top 7 Must Read Classic Wuxia Novels

7 must-read classic Wuxia novels for newbies to the genre. The characters in these sagas are so famous, they are synonymous with the genre.

12 Legendary Weapons of Ancient Japan

12 legendary weapons in Japanese mythology to know about.

66 Horror Movie Places to Know

66 scary, terrifying, and sometimes yucky horror movie places to know for the true movie buff. Steer clear of this horrific places!
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