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40 Famous Imaginary Worlds in Western Movies

40 famous imaginary worlds in western popular movies. Do you want to visit, or live in any of these fantasy realms?

9 Games to Play to Travel the World

Stuck at home with nowhere to go? Don't despair, you can still easily travel the world with these 9 world-trekking video games.

Japan Solo Travel Guide – 25 Tips

Japan solo travel guide - 25 must know tips and facts. The Land of the Rising Sun can be unforgettable even for first-timers traveling alone.

Video Game Movies That Wouldn’t Totally Suck

5 video game movies that wouldn't be awful, might even be awesome, if produced by the right people and studio.

These Retro Gamebooks Will Be Perfect As Video Games!

Gamers, wouldn't you want to explore the universe as an Interplanetary Spy, or battle sheer evil as a Kai Master?

I Hated These Five Castlevania Games

Castlevania is still my favorite action platformer video game series. But that doesn't mean I liked every episode released.

5 Video Game Movies That Should Not Be Made

5 video game movies that would be flops, if not downright disastrous, if ever made.

9 Gods and Demons of Disease to Fear

9 Gods and Demons of Disease that have terrified ancient entire civilizations. Interestingly, many of these were prayed to for recovery too.

20 Actual Castles to Visit for Castlevania Lovers

20 real-life European castles to visit for Castlevania fans. Dracula might not have lived in any of these, but for ambience, they score tops.

9 Healing Gods and Goddesses from Mythology and Religion

9 healing gods and goddesses from world mythology. These miraculous beings have since ancient times, been worshipped for good health.

9 Horrible Southeast Asian Monsters and Vampires

Horrible Southeast Asia and Asian vampires to know and fear. Near all are even more terrifying than Dracula himself!

7 Chinese Beauties That Destroyed Their Dynasties

7 Chinese beauties that destroyed their dynasties. They give justification to the Chinese saying, 红颜祸水 (a beautiful face is disaster).

7 Forgotten Horror Movie Villains That Deserve Another Chance

7 Forgotten Horror Movie Villains That Deserve Another Chance at enduring fame. Wouldn't you wanna see them again on the big screen?

Top 5 Rebels in Japanese History

Five historical Japanese rebels who left permanent marks in the history and culture of Japan.

5 Retro Video Games That Scarred Me For Life

It's childish, but playing these retro video games from the 80s and 90s scarred me for life.

5 Religious Founders That Transformed Japan

5 Japanese religious founders that transformed the country. Today, it is impossible to visit Japan without encounteirng their legacies.

Did These Legendary Chinese Female Warriors Existed in History?

Disney's live-action Mulan movie will soon be released. But did legendary Chinese female warriors like her existed in history?

5 Scary Movies That Are Surprisingly Thoughtful

5 scary movies that are notorious worldwide but surprisingly thoughtful. Hey, watching any might even change your life.

118 Shinto Deities from the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki

118 Shinto Gods and Goddesses from the ancient compendiums, the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki.

15 Dangerous Japanese Yokai You’d Never Want to Meet

Japanese Yokai are usually just mischievous, supernatural pranksters. However, when they get murderous, they are as deadly as the monsters in other mythologies.

You Seriously Do Not Want These Japanese Yokai in Your Home!

They aren't as deadly as the ghosts in Insidious or Ju-on. But these annoying Japanese Yokai will still drive you nuts in your own home.

Yummy Facts about Chinese Mooncakes

The Lunar Eighth Month i.e. Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us! Here's a rundown of all there is to know about Chinese mooncakes.

The Hunt for Geeky and Adorable Mooncakes (Sep 2020)

Mooncakes are sold everywhere in August and September. But for those of us looking for more than unusual fillings, are there any atypical ones available?
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