Dialogue, discussions and rants, on issues and stories I've encountered in everyday life. All of these essays would be written in storytelling style.

Dialogue, discussions and rants. Essays and write-ups on everyday life

These are my shorter pieces on individual topics. Most are inspired by incidences I’ve encountered in everyday life. None are non-fiction in nature, strictly speaking, as all of these essays would be written in a storytelling style. Also, (highly) tempting as it is, I intend not to touch any social political issues, particularly those involving my country of residence. Not that I’m apolitical or dissociated. Just that, I feel they are many other bloggers who are more competent at these things, and anyway nowadays I prefer to walk away from arguments. My essays would instead revolve around quirky incidences or personal encounters. Some of them would also be reflections on stories I’ve heard from friends.

A simple request to borrow my lighter set off dark thoughts in my head.

Lighter Fail

A simple request to borrow a lighter spins wildly out of proportions, in my head. This incident is a perfect example of misattribution.

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