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Movie Review – Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians (Film) review. 2/5 stars at best as a Rom-Com. Full marks if intended as a scathing satire on the Singaporean mentality.

Witch Hunting (Singlish Post)

Witch hunting existed throughout history. Focus on not giving mobs a reason to go hysterical, rather than blame the outcome. A Singlish post.

Band Advisor

An acquaintance is frustrated by his appointment as advisor of his school band. He ended up frustrating me, and probably most of his students too.

F’s Nice Colleagues (Singlish Post)

Should nice colleagues be the deciding factor whether to leave a horrid company? A discussion written in Singaporean Singlish.

The Purpose Of Education

Assassination Classroom, or Ansatsu Kyoshitsu in Japanese, examines the purpose of education in an over-the-top, humorous way.

Hey! You’re Being Investigated For …

Despite efforts of the Singaporean government, the notorious DHL parcel scam and all its variants continue to plague citizens of the city state.

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

How often do we end up in this horrid situation of the devil and the deep blue sea? Too often, in my opinion, especially when during political elections.

Lucky Draws That Do Not Own Up

When conducting lucky draws, your enthusiasm in facilitating wins is crucial to the success of the entire promotional attempt.

You Know You’re Aged When …

40 signs that points clearly to the fact that you're no longer ... anywhere near the prime of your life. In other words, you're aged!

It’s Pokémon No Go For Me

Pokémon GO? Snooping about hunting for creatures? It's a no go for me, Sir. Here's are my reasons for not succumbing to the latest smartphone app craze.

Three Wishes

Classic question. What are you going to ask for if given three wishes? Money? Power? Fame? Or the ability to turn the global paradigm upside down?

Singaporean Batmans. Hah?!?!

The Singaporean online lynch mob strikes again! This time, it is to punish the witch who rolled over a dog and responded with very colourful language.

SGD 3,500. The Price of a Rant

SGD 3500. The fine Singaporean Bryan Lim is ordered to pay after a bout of unthinking babbling in an anti-gay Facebook group.

Where I Once Swooned – Capitol Theatre

Thoughts for the New Year and the challenges to come. Brought on by a previous visit to Singapore's historical Capitol Theatre.

Cultural Divides

There are some in Singapore who claim to rigorously defend it from cultural divides. Actually, I feel they are the ones most responsible for such rifts.

That Place Over There

If your decisions during work leads to tragedy, without you reasonably able to predict the outcome, what is your degree of responsibility?

Boom: An Essay On Murder

How about this? A holiday you've been dreaming about for months, if not years. One that you would never get to return home from. Because you fell to murder.

Imitation (Singlish Post)

Why do people buy imitation goods? Because knock-offs are cheaper? Because originals are too expensive? Or because needs are actually cheap?

Confirm Plus Chop. Donald Trump is POTUS!

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. The world needs to work on accepting that.

A Lifelong Game of Numbers in Singapore

Grim as it might sound, life in Singapore is often one lifelong game of numbers. A game that lasts from seven to seventy.

In the Face of Depression

Would you befriend a classmate notorious for mood swings? Would you acknowledge his symptoms of depression, and reach out to him before he self-destructs?

Do You Have A Valentine’s Day Ritual?

Do you have a Valentine's Day ritual? I once did, despite being single. The ritual was born of sheer defiance and indignity.

Why I Love the Smurfs (And How I Might Be a Borderline Socialist Convert)

I love the Smurfs because they are oh-so-adorable and cute. And also because they exemplify the wisdom of the socialists.

What If You Simply Hate It?

I would love for my home to undergo a makeover in the Japanese renovation show, Before After. But ... what happens if I hate the new design?

That United Airlines Incident

The United Airlines Incident ends with a formal apology. How likely are you to buy the contrite words of UA CEO, Oscar Munoz?

That Impending JC Merger

My thoughts on the forthcoming JC merger in Singapore. I’m from one of the junior colleges picked for this exercise, i.e. Anderson Junior College.
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