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That Impending JC Merger

My thoughts on the forthcoming JC merger in Singapore. I’m from one of the junior colleges picked for this exercise, i.e. Anderson Junior College.

That OBOR Conference Snub

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee wasn’t invited to China’s OBOR Conference. But is it really that big a deal? Should Singaporeans be losing sleep over this?

That Eisner Award Win

Comic artist Sonny Liew is the first Singaporean to win three Eisner awards. Yet, the country is not rejoicing. It’s locked in political debate.

That Singaporean Identity

What exactly is the Singaporean identity? Is it to have a face that immediately declares you were born and bred in the city state?

That School Caning Case

Is school caning an appropriate punishment for bringing poker cards to school, in a country earning revenue from two casinos?

That UN Sanctions Strategy

Yet another missile provocation by the DPNK. Yet more talk, and scepticism, about increased UN sanctions. Do these diplomatic methods actually work, or not?

That Evil Warding Swordplay

What could the world of Chinese Wuxia fiction teach us about modern politics? Plenty of wisdom, especially regarding nuclear weapons.

That North Korea Deadlock

Purely my personal worries over the North Korea deadlock and nuclear missile crisis. I’m not proposing any solution or blaming anyone.

How SOME Singaporeans Are Worsening the MRT Breakdown Crisis

My thoughts on Singapore’s ongoing MRT breakdown crisis. Within two months, this has worsened into tunnel floods and peak hour collisions.

Social Influencers Behaving Questionably?

Two juicy scandals dominated Singaporean social media this week. Both incidences are case studies of what not to do as social influencers.

Should You Be Freaking Out Over the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal?

It’s appalling. It’s shocking too, to say the least. But should you be freaking out over the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal? What do you stand to lose in such a data breach?

That Hardy Boys Incident

I was a Hardy Boys fan when young. I also went around telling that to anyone who’d listen. And then I stopped, after July 1991.

Handbags, Infernos, and the Chinese Monkey King

Why do some people need so, so many luxury handbags? The adventures of the Chinese Monkey King in Journey to the West might have the answer.

Shrieking Brats and Unfinished Tea

Shrieking brats and an unfinished glass of tea. Trust me, you wouldn’t ever want to encounter both at the same time.

And the Next Expansion Is …

It’s been months since Blizzard announced its next expansion for World of Warcraft. But what would the next expansion for world politics be?

Subscription and Billing Support Outrage

It’s immediate stop-work for all my photography and graphic design tasks, no thanks to a subscription and billing support outrage.

Syonan-to: Light Of The South

Syonan-To (Light of the South). For Singapore, the detested name is a source of shame. For others, it’s invokes pride and past victories.

Lighter Fail

A simple request to borrow a lighter spins wildly out of proportions, in my head. This incident is a perfect example of misattribution.

Homeless Hunting

I shouldn't be appalled that an atrocity like homeless hunting exists. Or that it has been around for a long time. Yet I still am.
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