Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day With foodpanda!

foodpanda Fried Chicken Deals
Awesome foodpanda Fried Chicken Deals

International Fried Chicken Day is tomorrow, i.e., Jul 6! If you’re celebrating at home, and I think you should, here’s a cheatsheet of foodpanda delivery deals and cheeky bundles to bring the world’s favourite comfort food right to your doorsteps.

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foodpanda Asian Fried Chicken Meals
Left to right: Ajjuma’s Fried Chicken & Crispy Toppoki; Ayam Penyet’s signature Smashed Fried Chicken; CRAVE’s Nasi Lemak Royale.

An International Buffet of Fried Chicken

There is no doubt about it. Fried chicken is a unifying comfort food across different cultures and you can effortless invite that love to your doorsteps. From American Southern-style chicken to  umami-packed Japan karaage, an international buffet of fried chicken interpretations awaits on foodpanda.

Beyond Western favourites of KFC’s iconic Original Recipe and Popeye’s Louisiana Fried Chicken, foodies can explore the rising popularity of Asian fried chicken.

Must-try dishes include Ajjuma’s Fried Chicken & Crispy Toppoki, featuring South Korean boneless fried chicken and crispy toppoki coated in a sweet-spicy sauce, Ayam Penyet’s signature Smashed Fried Chicken, generously topped with golden batter crumbs, the Filipino classic of Jolibee’s Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti, and not forgetting Singapore’s beloved local staple, Nasi Lemak from CRAVE. 

foodpanda Meals for One
Left to right: KFC’s Zinger Solo Meal; 4Fingers’ Drumstick Rice Box.

Indulgent Meals for One

For those flying solo, foodpanda’s new “Meal For One” presents an array of curated set menus for one, priced at an attractive SGD 9.99 with all-inclusive pricing and no minimum spend.

Complete with a main and a drink or side, you can now savour the perfect fried chicken meal for one with KFC’s Zinger Solo Meal (SGD 10.49), 4Fingers’ Drumstick Rice Box (SGD 11.89), McDonald’s fan favourite meals with Spicy Chicken McCrispy (2pc) (SGD 11.04), Double McSpicy (SGD 11.64), 9pc McNuggets (SGD10.69), and more. Available on the app in selected regions of Singapore!

foodpanda Fried Chicken Party Packs
Left to right: WingStop’s Family Pack; NeNe Chicken’s Chicken Tenders Buddy Meal.

Delights for All Party Sizes

Hatch the perfect plan for fried chicken parties with family and friends!

Designed for flocks of fried chicken lovers, indulge in WingStop’s variety of group packs with their customisable wings, tenders, and signature dips, priced at SGD 42.80 for 3-pax Crew Pack to SGD 64.50 for up to 5-pax Party Pack. For smaller gatherings, enjoy NeNe Chicken’s Chicken Tenders Buddy Meal (SGD 32.80 for 2) complete with delicious sides.

Of course, no party is complete without plenty of refreshments. From soft drinks to beer, pair your fried chicken with the perfect beverage delivered chilled from pandamart


From now to Jul 31, also enjoy SGD 1.99 delivery fees from select restaurants including, WingStop, NeNe Chicken, I Love Taimei, and more.

brightfarms fresh chicken
Freshest chicken for home chefs at brightfarms.

Freshest Ingredients for Home Chefs

Prefer to fry up your own feast? That’s awesome too!

Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or a beginner cook, the top tip for whipping up your own batch of crispy fried chicken is to ensure the quality of your ingredients. With over 250 fresh groceries and household essentials, foodpanda’s new house brand, bright, delivers all the basics of a fried chicken recipe. High-quality, fresh poultry is available whole and in a variety of pre-cut portions.

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Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day With foodpanda!
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Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day With foodpanda!
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