Farm House, the New-Generation Marketplace, Opens at Dairy Farm Mall

Farm House at Dairy Farm Mall
Farm House at Dairy Farm Mall.

A new dining attraction in the heart of Singapore invites all to visit. Its location is a little bit remote but that’s part of the joy and charm.

Farm House, the new-generation marketplace, officially opened its doors yesterday at the newly developed Dairy Farm Mall. Situated in the heart of lush greenery, the marketplace spans approximately 5,200 square feet and has over 200 seats in an air-conditioned experiential space. The space promises an exciting and unique dining experience for everyone from local residents to weekend hikers, beer enthusiasts, and just about anyone looking for a different dining experience in Singapore.

Farm House also heralds a new era in the F&B landscape by creating an immersive environment designed for enjoyment with friends and family from morning to late night. Combining local, global cuisines and an in-house bar, the marketplace elevates the traditional food court dining experience to the next level.

Farm House Marketplace
Farm House, a new-generation marketplace in Singapore.

In the words of Jeremy Lim, General Manager of Farm House, this will be a “vibrant hub where everyone can enjoy great food and great company with our diverse culinary offerings and welcoming atmosphere.”

Farm House Breakfast
Left Kopifellas – Kaya Butter Toast + SG Kopilicious. Right: YOU – You Tiao Set + Cheong Fun.

An International Gourmet Adventure

There’s quite a rich tapestry of culinary delights at Farm House, one that spans from local favourites to gourmet dishes from around the world.

For example, there is homegrown brand Kopifellas, which will be serving traditional Singaporean fares such as the Kaya Butter Toast Set and their signature SG Kopilicious – a Nanyang coffee brew with oat milk by OATSIDE and coffee jelly, a twist on the classic Singaporean drink.

For those looking to indulge in a sumptuous breakfast or enjoy a quick midday bite, YOU offers an irresistible treat with its crispy yet fluffy homemade XL You Tiao. Each bite delivers a perfect balance of crunch and softness, making it an ideal companion for the house-made smooth and silky beancurd or a warm, comforting cup of soya bean.

Farm House Marketplace Food
Top: Sui Yuan – Shanghai Roasted Prawn + Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck. Bottom: Tokyo Taste – Chicken & Salmon Sumiyaki Don + Bara Chirashi Don, & Warung Corner – Ayam Geprek + Beef Rendang.

If you’re craving classic Chinese cuisine, Sui Yuanpresents authentic native dishes such as Nanjing Boiled Salted Duck, Shanghai Roasted Prawn, and the bold flavours of Sichuan Spicy Chicken. The Asian journey continues at Tokyo Taste, where classic Japanese creations like Sashimi, Makimono, and signature Don bowls like Bara Chirashi Don and Chicken & Salmon Sumiyaki Don, await. For fans of Indonesian street food, Warung Corner presents classics of the archipelago such as Ayam Geprek, Gado-Gado, and Beef Rendang.

Farm House @ Dairy Farm Mall Food
Top: KangKar Nang – Seafood Soup + Crab Bee Hoon. Bottom: Dairy Farm Western – Breaded Chicken Cutlet + Grilled Salmon Steak, & Farm Chicken – Chicken Rice + Curry Chicken Noodle.

Hearty Meals and Western Favourites

For those seeking classic or hearty meals with friends and family, KangKar Nang, Dairy Farm Western, and Farm Chicken offer a plethora of choices to choose from.

Originating from the historic KangKar Fishermen Village in Punggol, KangKar Nang entices seafood lovers with its signature Crab Bee Hoon and umami Seafood Soup; both dishes are perfect for sharing. Dairy Farm Western, on the other hand, satisfies Western food cravings with dishes like Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Salmon Steak, and Cream-based Spaghetti with German Sausage.


Lastly, Farm Chicken, under the helm of Andy Phang from Shangri-La Hotel, serves local classics such as Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken Noodle. The dishes are complemented by a spicy tangy ginger chilli sauce specially crafted to enhance the tender and juicy chicken.

Farm House Exclusive Cocktails
Exclusive drinks at Farm House. The Once Upon A Farm and Fuse.

Unwind and Tower Up

Farm House isn’t just about great food and family-friendly options, the marketplace also has an eclectic selection of alcoholic beverages.

Guests can enjoy beer bucket deals starting at just SGD 30++ for casual gatherings, refreshing cocktails for those seeking a touch of elegance, and a fine selection of wines affordably priced between SGD 38++ and SGD 52++. If you’re seeking something a little bit more oriental, there’s premium sake, too, perfect for drinkers exploring traditional and refined flavours.

Guests can moreover indulge in hearty meals and sip on exquisite drinks such as Once Upon A Farm and Fuse late into the evening. Both drinks are specially curated by in-house bartenders for Farm House. On weekends, Farm House transforms into a lively hub, too, attracting residents, families, hikers, and cyclists looking to refuel and socialise in a dynamic setting.

Farm House Address and Hours

Address: 4 Dairy Farm Lane, #01-12 Dairy Farm Mall, Singapore 677622. [Map]

Opening Hours: 8 am to 11 pm daily.

For more information and updates, follow Farm House on Instagram and Facebook.

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Farm House, the New-Generation Marketplace, Opens at Dairy Farm Mall
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Farm House, the New-Generation Marketplace, Opens at Dairy Farm Mall
The new Farm House Marketplace at Dairy Farm Mall offers an exciting dining experience with lots of local and international culinary delights.

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