First Visit to Tengah, Singapore’s Upcoming “Sustainable Forest Town”

Tengah New Town
Tengah New Town

While most Singaporeans were shopping, eating, or attending one of our many weekend events, I spent my Saturday sweating it out on the streets of Tengah, the new public housing development that will eventually house 42,000 new homes.

As in, the ones that are already open to the public.

This visit to Singapore’s upcoming “sustainable forest town” was for one purpose only. Barring any unexpected delays, I’ll be shifting here in a couple of months’ time. However, I have never once visited the area before this weekend. Wait, that’s wrong. I should say, the previous time I stepped into the area was well over 30 years ago—I had dinner with my family at some club facility at Tengah Air Base.

In other words, I felt it was high time that I have a look at the area I’ll soon be living in. In other words, I felt it was high time that I had a look at the area I’ll soon be living in. At the very least, I should start familiarising myself with the transportation and food facilities currently available.

Walking Along Tengah Boulevard

As of Jun 2024, there are just two bus lines servicing Tengah New Town, a grand total of three bus stops for these services too. These are also mainly for the benefit of homeowners in the Plantation District. As you might have read, many households have already shifted in here.

I took one of those services and alighted at Tengah Boulevard, then walked up the road till I reached the Parc District, I.E., from Plantation Grange to Parc Clover. It was a sweaty, dusty, and unpleasant walk. Despite it being Saturday afternoon, work was ongoing at all sites that I walked past.

On the other hand, I did have a good look at the progress of the sites, and it was assuring. Going by what I saw, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get to collect keys earlier.

Plantation Village Tengah
These are the completed BTO flats alongside Tengah Boulevard. If I’m not wrong, this is Plantation Village.
Garden Vale BTO Progress
The almost completed Garden Vale BTO flats. The external, “tapered” look of the blocks here looks quite different from Plantation Village across the road. I briefly thought this was an EC estate.
Parc Woods BTO Progress
Parc Woods @ the Park District has a more leafy colour scheme. Again, the blocks look quite different from the Plantation and Garden Districts ones.
Tengah BTO Flats (Garden District)
The road gets messy further up Tengah Drive. To the right of this picture is Garden Walk, I think.

The above picture marks the current northwestern border of the new town. As in, beyond what you see in the picture are wooded areas.

Believe it, or not, this area feels cooler than anywhere on Tengah Boulevard. Not exaggerating, I literally felt the temperature drop as I approached the junction.

Fingers crossed that some natural wooded areas will be retained when the town is completed.

Garden Vale and Tengah Boulevard
Another look at Garden Vale from the Tengah Boulevard, Tengah Drive junction.
Parc Clover BTO Flats
Parc Clover BTO flats, which according to the official brochures, will have clover-like blocks.

Plantation Plaza

Exhausted by 45 minutes in the sun and dust, I lumbered to Plantation Plaza for a drink. This neighbourhood centre is the first mall in Tengah New Town to open and primarily serves the Plantation District. It’s also right next to the upcoming Tengah Plantation MRT Station on the Jurong Regional Line.

By the way, according to HDB’s master plan, there will be five housing districts in this new town. Plantation, Garden, Park, Forest Hill, and Brickland.

The mall isn’t fully open, as I soon discovered. Most shop spaces are unoccupied, many areas are still cordoned off, and the only establishments operating are a Koufu Food Court, a Giant Supermarket, and a McDonald’s. (Trust Ronald to always be the first in …)

Things might quickly change in a matter of weeks, though, given what was just reported in the news about Plantation Plaza. I wouldn’t be surprised if HDB is also expediting permits for other businesses.

I see myself coming here for food, for groceries, etc., very often in the future.

Plantation Plaza Opening
To be honest, I thought Plantation Plaza was a HDB or town council office when I passed by it while still on the bus. The plaza is also beside the tracks of the upcoming Jurong Regional Line and a station.
Plantation Plaza @ Tengah
The interior is much larger than I expected too.
Plantation District Tengah
The Koufu Food Court on L3 has a balcony sitting area. There’s a great view of the surrounding buildings from there.

If you’re wondering, the construction works in the above picture are for the 700 metre-long Plantation Farmway, one of the star attractions of Tengah New Town. Other than being a connector, the space will offer communal farming opportunities.

Plantation Farmway Landscaping
I think Plantation Farmway will be quite a magnificent, leafy sight when landscaping is completed.
Plantation Plaza Giant Supermarket
Plantation Plaza has a sizable Giant Supermarket tucked away in the basement. I’m sure more of such supermarkets will be opening in the near future.

Why Did I Apply For a Tengah BTO Unit?

I feel a compulsion to say something about this. This compulsion stems from how many people still give me a certain “look” when I tell them I’m shifting to Tengah New Town.

I made the decision to apply for a flat here because I didn’t want to spend years in the BTO application game. I forecasted it would be easier to ballot here and I was right. I applied only once and “struck lottery.”

I also didn’t mind the location, and I was ready for the initial inconvenience of living in a non-matured estate. As someone who previously shifted into a barely completed Yishun “New” Town decades ago, I’m familiar with such inconveniences and I believe they do not last.

Gonna say it too, I was kinda attracted by the whole “sustainable,” “forest town” concept promoted by HDB. For sure, what I saw during this visit certainly didn’t feel very foresty, but the whole area is still under development, so the final look probably needs time.

Lastly, Tengah New Town really isn’t as remote as many people think. For a start, the residential areas are not at the ulu farmlands near the air base. They are just across the road from Bukit Batok West and Hong Kah.

Bukit Batok Central and the ever-changing Jurong East Hub are also just a 10 to 15 minutes drive away.

Video: 2-Room Flexi and Other Units Showrooms

Just to highlight, the 2-Room Flexi models of the upcoming BTO flats are quite different from the previous launches. Have a look at the following video which I filmed at HDB MyNiceHome Gallery. The video includes showrooms for larger units too.

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Visit to Tengah, Singapore’s Upcoming “Sustainable Forest Town”
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Visit to Tengah, Singapore’s Upcoming “Sustainable Forest Town”
My first visit to Tengah, Singapore’s new “sustainable forest town” for homes in the West. Pictures were taken in the Plantation, Garden, and Park districts.

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