Rose Romance 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Rose Romance 2024 | Gardens by the Bay
Rose Romance 2024 | Gardens by the Bay

So … it’s a little pointless to post about Rose Romance 2024 at this point; it’s ending this weekend! But, well, I’ve been posting about Flower Dome exhibitions since 2022, so I don’t want to miss any in my ongoing “series.”

I took the following pictures with my latest toy, too, a pre-owned Nikkor 24-70 mm ED VR. If you’re into Nikon gear, I guess my pictures should provide a good idea of what this Pro-Level Nikon lens is capable of. (All are slightly enhanced in Photoshop, BTW)

As for Rose Romance 2024 itself, I can’t say this is one of the most memorable GBTB flower shows I’ve been to. The roses are gorgeous, of course, and even though I went in the third week, most were still blooming beautifully.

On the other hand, the Turkish-themed decors felt a bit of a rehash—the balloons and some of the ceramics are definitely from Tulipmania 2023. In the spirit of sustainability and sensible budgeting, I suppose it only makes sense not to waste perfectly fine fittings, but as a regular visitor, I still felt a little disappointed.

Luckily, the magnificent rose blooms more than made up for this rehash sensation.

GBTB Rose Romance 2024 Highlights

This year’s edition of Rose Romance is the fifth and is in collaboration with the Embassy of Türkiye to Singapore. Turkish cultural displays and sights thus feature prominently amidst the rose blooms.

(My feature picture above shows one of the highlights of the Turkish exhibits; a replica of the Antonine Nymphaeum in Sagalassos, Türkiye.)

GBTB Rose Romance 2024
A rosy pergoda welcomes all visitors.
Rose Romance Gardens by the Bay 2024
Overview of Rose Romance 2024. Those balloons are part of the Pamukkale Thermal Pool miniature (see below).
Turkey Bodrum Houses
Architectural features have always been a highlight of Flower Dome exhibitions and this time, traditional Bodrum Houses are in the limelight.
Turkish Rose Distilleries
Okay, swaku me didn’t know these were rose distilleries, and that Türkiye has a large rose oil and water industry, till I read the official page.
Rose Macro Photography
Here’s a marco-ish shot. I think roses are one of nature’s best examples of amazing symmetry and harmony, just made for such shots.
Nikkor 24-70 mm ED VR Macro Shot
Another macro shot. I’m more than satisfied with the image quality of my pre-owned Nikkor 24-70 mm ED VR lens!
Turkish Perfume Bar
A Turkish perfume bar, with apt displays of beautiful ceramics.
Rose Romance Pamukkale Thermal Pools
One of Türkiye’s most magical natural attractions is showcased by Rose Romance 2024. This miniature of the Pamukkale Thermal Pools is right beneath the big balloons (see above). It comes with misty effects too.
Gardens by the Bay Rose Show
Roses truly count among the most amazing examples of natural beauty, don’t they?

Rose Romance 2024 ends on Jun 30, 2024.


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Rose Romance 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Article Name
Rose Romance 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Rose Romance 2024 pictures and highlights. The fifth edition of this annual rose exhibition in Singapore features various Turkish cultural exhibits.

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