Simplify Your Aircon Servicing With Coolfix

Coolfix On-Demand Aircon Servicing App
Coolfix On-Demand Aircon Servicing App

Mobile Apps have brought us many conveniences, from within-the-hour home deliveries to instant international shopping to super awesome deals. For homeowners, here’s a brand-new Singapore mobile app to make your daily life even easier.

Coolfix is Singapore’s first on-demand aircon servicing mobile app. Backed by some 150 established air conditioning companies, Coolfix users can enjoy superfast responses to their aircon servicing requests, with the app aiming to fulfil requests within 30 minutes. The platform stands ready with over 600 servicing vehicles.

Singapore’s 24/7 sweltering weather makes air conditioning practically a must for everyday life. However, finding a contractor to immediately attend to breakdowns and malfunctions has historically been a challenge. Ever had that situation when you had to wait sweaty days before any of the contractors you phoned could attend to you?

Coolfix addresses this issue by providing a convenient, reliable, and efficient service solution, eliminating the need for homeowners to frantically hunt for available contractors during emergencies. The app even allows users to track the arrival of the contracted servicing team. Gone will be the days of your family having to endure days of discomfort before help arrives.

Effortless Service Requests, Real-Time Updates, and Transparent Pricing

The Coolfix mobile app uses an intuitive user interface to manage requests, track the arrival of the servicing team, and deliver updates on the job status. The app also offers features such as secure payment options, detailed service records, and customer support to enhance the overall user experience.

Transparent pricing is a star feature of Coolfix too. The app provides a breakdown of costs to customers immediately upon the selection of services needed. This transparency ensures customers are always fully informed and eliminates concerns about overcharging.

Coolfix furthermore serves as a platform to monitor the performance of aircon suppliers, ensuring that all tasks are performed professionally and up to expectations. This reduces the risk of homeowners reaching out to non-trusted vendors.

Here’s an example of cost presentation on the app.

Coolfix Sample Pricing
Transparent pricing with breakdown.

How to Request for Aircon Servicing on Coolfix

The process of requesting service is straightforward. Simply fill out the service request form with relevant details, including aircon type, brand, number of units requiring servicing, and the specific services needed. An instant quote will be provided.

Of note, Coolfix also currently offers a wide range of services, including aircon subscription service, general servicing, chemical cleaning, refrigerant top-up for aircon systems, diagnosis, repair, and general service by qualified BCA-certified partners. All contractors are skilled, reliable, experienced, and competent, ensuring peace of mind.


Coolfix Aircon Subscription Service

Outside of ad-hoc servicing, Coolfix offers an innovative alternative with its aircon subscription service, which features top brands such as Gree and Midea.

Upon subscription, Coolfix will install a brand new aircon for the homeowner as well as manage the installation process. The service includes an extensive 48-month warranty that covers servicing and repair works with no hidden costs.

It is a cost-effective, hassle-free, and environmentally conscious solution for year-round home cooling. With this subscription, users can enjoy consistent comfort without the hassle of air conditioner maintenance and repairs. Once the subscription plan has ended, the aircon will moreover belong to the homeowner; Coolfix will not uninstall it.

As for pricing, Coolfix‘s aircon subscription service currently offers three distinct packages for System 2, 3, and 4, starting from SGD 77 monthly. These packages include eight genuine servicing sessions, premium materials installation, and a comprehensive warranty.

For more details on the subscription package, please visit their website at or download the Coolfix mobile app. (Already available on Apple App Store, launching in July 2024 on Google Play)

As part of the launch promotion, the first 1,000 customers to download and register as Coolfix members will receive a free SGD 100 voucher. This voucher can be used to offset the cost of air conditioning services booked via the app. The offer is valid from now until Dec 31, 2024.

Download the Coolfix mobile app, available now on the Apple App Store. The app is launching on Google Play Store in July.

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Simplify Your Aircon Servicing With Coolfix
Article Name
Simplify Your Aircon Servicing With Coolfix
Coolfix is Singapore’s first on-demand aircon servicing app. Backed by 150 companies and featuring instant servicing and cost-saving subscriptions.

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