Big Wine Freaks: An Arty New Champagne and Wine Bar Party Experience in Singapore

Big Wine Freaks @ Bukit Pasoh
Big Wine Freaks @ Bukit Pasoh

Are you hungry for a new champagne and wine party experience? There’s a new hotspot in Bukit Pasoh to check out!

Big Wine Freaks is the newest spot in Singapore for all wine and food enthusiasts. Opening its doors this June, the champagne and wine bar promises quality cuisine, with a menu built around raw seafood served innovatively. Other than an astonishing wine and champagne list, the menu includes a mixed selection of starters, side dishes, and mains, created specially for sharing.

Big Wine Freaks Wine List

Step into the fascinating world of wine at Big Wine Freaks, where the curated wine list showcases the finest Champagnes and Burgundies from the next generation of producers, all served against a backdrop of dynamic energy and vibrant ambience.

Delight in a diverse selection that includes natural wines hailing from the French regions of Jura, Beaujolais, and Loire, as well as offerings from vineyards in Spain, Austria, and Italy. Not only are there over 500 labels and 2,000 bottles in Big Wine Freaks’ extensive wine cellar but each bottle is sourced from micro-farms dedicated to organic and sustainable farming practices, ensuring that every sip honours nature and the skilled artisans behind it.

For connoisseurs seeking a broader range, the wine-by-the-glass menu presents an extensive selection of rare wines, with the menu regularly updated to include the latest finds.

Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts can likewise expect the ultimate wine-tasting experience that celebrates the stories and passions of winemakers. Each glass of wine is served in glassware from brands such as Zalto from Austria, Sydonios from France, and Kimura from Japan. Every sip is more than just a drink at Big Wine Freaks. Every sip is a luxurious experience too.

Big Wine Freaks Food
Dining at Big Wine Freaks.

What to Expect When Dining at Big Wine Freak

Complementing the exceptional selection of wine is a modern food menu that incorporates vibrant flavours. Dining at Big Wine Freaks is to feast on raw seafood, bite-sized starters, and mains from the open-fire grill, with the contemporary delights served on dinnerware from Ginori 1735, a renowned Florentine manufacturer under the creative helm of acclaimed Italian fashion designer, Alessandro Michele.

Led by Chef de Cuisine Ash who previously worked in the kitchens of Sago House and Burnt Ends, the food philosophy of Big Wine Freaks combines bright, ingredient-focused dishes inspired by the best European wine bars, San Sebastian’s vibrant food scene, and the artistry of Japanese omakase dining.

Key menu highlights include Japanese tuna, oysters and caviar, uni toast, king crab, padron peppers, gougeres, and a braised lamb shoulder for sharing.

Big Wine Freaks Interior
Big Wine Freaks’ suave interior combines elegance and aesthetics.

Big Wine Freaks Interior Design and Aesthetic

Big Wine Freaks is situated within a charming colonial-style building in the heart of the Chinatown district, a venue that integrates Singapore’s rich history with contemporary design elements.


Designed by Sabrina Bignami and Alessandro Capellaro of B-Arch Architectural Bureau in Florence, Italy, the venue charms with an artful blend of light, colour, and texture, a combination designed to foster interactions and create a dynamic atmosphere.

Marked by various innovative visual concepts, the interior sees the seamless integration of kitchen and dining spaces without any boundaries. A liquid metal table crafted by Italian artisans sits at the centre of the space and gracefully extends into the dining area, doubling as DJ counters and forming a central circular table, around which the entire experience revolves.

The space moreover includes a central amphitheatre with tiered seating and vibrant Italian carpeting, creating a lively experience where guests are free to sit or stand whilst enjoying great food, wine, and music. The cornerstone of this unusual design, in turn, is the guest communal seating concept at highchairs, lounge, and amphitheatre areas with a fully open kitchen, raw seafood, and champagne bar counter.

This setup allows guests to always be at the heart of the restaurant’s many backstages and take part in all of its activities.

A Gathering of Elegance and Prestige

At Big Wine Freaks, there is a strong emphasis on creating a captivating ambience through lighting elements.

Original and unique pieces, crafted by famous designers such as Nason, Moretti, and Toso, add a touch of historical elegance and international prestige to the space, with materials, fabric, and colour acting as finishing touches that interact with the guests.

The space also features upholstery from Dedar Milano, renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and associations with luxury brands like Hermès. Italian artisans adorn the walls with decorations that offer a rustic yet sophisticated appearance alongside vibrant purple carpeting and vintage accents to add a touch of visual richness. Lighting, featuring theatrical projectors and a striking linear pink light, further enhances the ambience, ensuring an immersive dining experience.

Music and atmosphere

The Big Wine Freaks experience is accented by an eclectic selection of warm, low-groove music. Featuring a mix of electronic dance, ethnic downtempo, afrobeat, dark disco, organic house, amapiano and more, the music creates a pre-party vibe that is as captivating as it is inviting.

Big Wine Freaks officially opens its doors at 44 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089857. Reservations are now available for seatings from 20 June 2024.

For reservations and enquiries, please call + 65 6019 0765, email or visit and on Instagram

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Big Wine Freaks: A New Champagne and Wine Bar Experience
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Big Wine Freaks: A New Champagne and Wine Bar Experience
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