XM Studios Announces Partnership with EMERGE Group to Elevate the Collector Experience

XM Studios x EMERGE Group Partnership
Ben Ang, CEO of XM Studios (Left) and Roy Kek, CEO and Co-Founder of EMERGE Group (Right)

XM Studios, the multi award winning design studio for luxury handcrafted art collectibles, had several notable milestones this year. Here’s another one right after their recent partnership with IMMORTALS.

On Jun 10, 2024, the design studio announced a new strategic partnership with EMERGE Group, a leading martech firm specializing in commercialization solutions with a rich portfolio of notable IPs. The collaboration will see EMERGE Group supporting XM Studios in their global expansion plans, as the studio scales and expands its innovative offerings into new territories.

EMERGE Group brings to the table its extensive experience in commercialization solutions for world-renowned IPs. With a track record of success in maximizing the potential of intellectual properties across various industries, including in gaming and esports, EMERGE Group’s collaboration with XM Studios promises to open new avenues for growth and innovation.

Elevating the Collector Experience With Innovative Brands and Ventures

Through the partnership, XM Studios will expand its reach through collaborations with innovative brands and ventures, notably with projects that elevate the collector experience. By leveraging EMERGE Group’s existing IP network, XM Studios also seeks to enhance its art collectibles offerings, thereby establishing greater legitimacy among collectors and cementing its position as a forward-thinking market leader.

Naturally, the partnership will lead to more collaborative events, too, especially those that capture the essence of art collectibles and pop culture. These events aim to attract greater attention to the XM Studios brand, allowing people to experience the figurines up close and truly appreciate their value and art.

Ben Ang, CEO of XM Studios, said. “The partnership promises exciting new collaborations that will thrill both collectors and fans. With EMERGE Group’s expertise in IP partnerships, our upcoming luxury art collectibles are sure to capture attention for years to come.”

Roy Kek, CEO and Co-Founder of EMERGE Group, said. “Through EMERGE Group’s vast global network and XM Studios’ strong reputation in luxury art collectibles, we aim to synergize and add significant value to the XM Studios brand. Our shared goal is to create a partnership that stands out, enhancing XM Studios’ extensive portfolio with unique offerings that are truly out of this world!”

XM Studios is recognised by various international industry bodies as one of the best design houses in the pop culture collectables space. Its track record includes numerous awards from community-led events such as the Statue Forum Awards. The design studio is also a recipient of Singapore’s Emerging Enterprise Award and was previously awarded Product of the Year by Disney and Most Innovative Product by Warner Bros. Discovery.

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XM Studios x EMERGE Group | Elevating the Collector Experience
Article Name
XM Studios x EMERGE Group | Elevating the Collector Experience
XM Studios announces a new partnership with martech specialist EMERGE Group, as the design studio expands its offerings into new territories.

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