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The Garfield Movie won’t delight long-time fans. But those who have forgotten Garfield might be encouraged to revisit the comics.

The Garfield Movie Review: 5 thumbs-up and 3 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | The Garfield Movie

The Garfield Movie Synopsis

Garfield (Chris Pratt) is living the good life thanks to an adoring owner (Jon | Nicholas Hoult) and the ever-obedient/subservient Odie (Harvey Guillén). His life is turned upside-down, however, when a long-forgotten character from his past turns up. Against his groans, Garfield is forced to go on a wild, crazy adventure that involves breakouts, lots of cheese, and one wild, deranged cat.

Snappy Review

Okay, this is a quicker review, because I honestly don’t have much to say.

First off, I wasn’t keen to watch this but went anyway because, well, it’s a summer headliner and all that. No thanks to negative reviews I’ve read beforehand, I thought it would suck big time, too, but it turned out not to be all bad. Actually, other than way too many dragged-out gags and dialogues, I didn’t find much to dislike. (Ironically, the movie made fun of these unfunny dialogues)

As many reviews have criticised, the entire notion of Garfield going on some Mission: Impossible-inspired adventure is bizarre and distant from the source material; Garfield’s signature is torrents of sarcasm while he’s inert. But then again, come on, do you seriously want to watch two hours of him just laying there spewing mockery, gobbling pizza, and smacking spiders? Anyhow, the movie made it abundantly clear that he was dragged into the craziness.

Perhaps the best way for me to sum up the watching experience is to say this. Garfield is a pop culture icon of my generation and after watching The Garfield Movie, I’m somewhat inclined, somewhat, to go dig for some of the comic strips. I haven’t read any in years and I’m sure I wouldn’t be made a new fan. But I do feel a mild urge to.

Would you consider this as a win for the show? For Jim Davis or the movie producers?

I suspect Garfield would be very dismissive of you if you don’t.

Watch the trailer here.


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