i Light Singapore 2024 Guide | Embracing Cyclical Nature

i Light Singapore 2024 | What to Expect and Enjoy
i Light Singapore 2024 | What to Expect and Enjoy

i Light Singapore 2024 (iLSG 2024) is starting this Friday, i.e., May 31! Once again, Marina Bay and surrounding satellite sites will be adorned by all sorts of eclectic and interactive artworks in support of sustainability. For three weeks straight, there will be all sorts of immersive programmes for everyone to enjoy and learn from too.

Into its tenth edition this year, Asia’s leading sustainable light festival will also be embracing the colour green, which on the visible light spectrum, represents nature and our environment. (Or … willpower, as us DC fanatics will tell ya!) You wouldn’t exactly be seeing green everywhere; actually, most of this year’s 17 art installations aren’t primarily green! But all installations embrace the theme of Cyclical Nature and explore the endless potential of everyday objects for re-design, restoration, and repurposing. Which I guess is what the spirit of “being green” is all about.

The following are snapshots of what to expect and enjoy this year.

An important note before I share me pictures. There are 17 art installations this year. For the first time ever, i Light Singapore has also expanded to Tanjong Pagar, on top of retaining South Beach and Millenia Walk as satellite sites.

There’s also the fabulous Gastrobeats 2024. As before, Gastrobeats is the festive, dining village with lots and lots of great food and entertainment.

In other words, i Light Singapore 2024 is pretty spread out. The official hours are 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm daily, up to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, but unless you’re interested in a really hectic and sweaty hike/drive all over downtown, it’s probably a better idea to spread your visit over two or three evenings. Anyway, the festival is going to be there for three weeks from May 31 to Jun 23. No sense in tiring yourself out trying to see everything in one night.

Not to mention, The Conscious Festival x iLSG will be presenting different workshops around Marina Bay till the third week of June. More on this later.

i Light Singapore 2024 Map
Festival map (from ilightsingapore.gov.sg)

i Light Singapore 2024 Art Installations – What to Expect and Look Out For

Here are pictures of this year’s iLSG installations.

Marina Bay Waterfront

Arc ZERO: Nimbus | i Light Singapore 2024
Arc ZERO: Nimbus by Studio James Tapscott (Australia), at the pontoon near the Red Dot Design Museum, is definitely one of my favourite installations for this year! It represents the “lifeblood of our existence – water, air, and light.” Viewed from the right angle, it’s like a magical mirror with glimpses of a futuristic world.

Sidenotes. I wonder whether festive-goers would dress up in medieval/sci-fi costumes and pose before Arc ZERO: Nimbus. When visiting, you might need to queue to enter the pontoon too.

i Light Singapore 2024 | Marina Bay Waterfront
Liminal; Minimal by SUTD students Benjamin Lim and Yeo Soon Yii (top) exposes the hidden wastefulness of urban construction; it uses construction remnants. Pure Ring by Xu Dongliang (below) is a modern twist on musical chairs that encourages connections between strangers. Sit on it to bring forth colourful surprises.
Spin Me a Yarn by Studio Vertigo (UK)
Spin Me a Yarn by Studio Vertigo (UK) has “yarn balls” draped all over the boardwalk as a statement on how yarn preparation by the fashion industry contributes to pollution. Looking at it immediately reminded me of what I was told at the recent Earth x Fashion event. (Don’t you think those pillars look like knitting needles?)

By the way, when around the above art installations, keep a lookout for dancing lights above the water. That’s Fish are Jumping by Studio Toer. The dancing lights are a homage to Firefly Field, which was a crowd favourite during i Light Singapore 2022. That installation was also by Toer.

Fish are Jumping is kinda hard to show on photo, too, so please look for that in my video. (Coming soon)

Bob The Nice World | i Light 2024
BOB the nice world by, erm, BOB the nice guy (Thailand) uses a lightweight inflatable with light animation to tell stories. BOB’s mood changes too! As you can imagine, children LOVES him.
Iwagumi Air Scape
Iwagumi Air Scape at The Promontory is a larger-than-life Japanese-inspired urban gardenthat looks right out of a sci-fi movie. I’m wondering whether people would come here to cosplay too.
Iwagumi Air Scape | The Promontory
Iwagumi Air Scape deserves two shots in this post because it really looks different when viewed near and from afar.
Alchemy of Atmosphere by Janez Grošelj (Slovenia)
Yikes! It’s a lightning storm at Alchemy of Atmosphere by Janez Grošelj (Slovenia). This installation investigates the rejuvenating and transformative force hidden within seemingly destructive lightning.
Fountain of Happiness | i Light Singapore 2024
The beautiful Fountain of Happiness at Clifford Square by 27June Studio (Thailand) is a crowd favourite for this i Light Singapore 2024, going by the number of visitors eagerly awaiting their turn at the swings. (They chime, BTW) The installation leverages Alibaba Cloud’s AI-driven sustainability solution, Energy Expert, to measure and analyse real-time energy consumption.
Kinetic Perspective by Juan Fuentes Studio | What to Expect and Enjoy for i Light Singapore 2024
Kinetic Perspective by Juan Fuentes Studio (Spain), located at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, is made of upcycled iron remnants from industrial sources and inspired by optical illusions. Gonna say it, a lot iLSG 2024 installations feel picture-perfect for … cosplaying with! Imagine yourself as Shang-Chi before this.
Dandelion by Amigo & Amigo | i Light Singapore 2024
Dandelion by Amigo & Amigo (Australia) is my favourite installation this year and I’ve already featured it above; it embodies hope and optimism. I think it is truly a wondrous realm to admire from the outside AND within.

South Beach

There are two installations at South Beach, both of which are interactive.

Lumi, a dynamic artwork shaped like a meandering river by art collective 65 SQM @ SUSA SPACE (UK), invites you to sit on illuminated yoga balls wrapped in upcycled net fabric. You can, of course, move the balls, which change colour. This installation pays homage to Singapore’s maritime heritage and embodies the fluidity of meandering river paths and its state of perpetual flux.

The Lantern by Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu from the National University of Singapore is a luminous pavilion ingeniously upcycled from over 5,000 plastic bottles. It symbolises renewal. Entering the pavilion will also remind you of the PHENOMENAL amount of waste we generate each day.

i Light Singapore 2024 @ South Beach
Above, Lumi. Below, The Lantern.

Millenia Walk

There’s only one colossal artwork at Millenia Walk but I think it’s worth going out of the way for. Occupying the heart of the central atrium, Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness by Australia-based art and technology studio ENESS brings visitors on an immersive journey with the, erm, Modern Guru housed within a huge inflatable. Entering the inflatable is like stepping into some bizarre organic domain. This surreal but strangely engrossing installation is also a commentary on the role that technology plays in shaping perceptions of fulfilment in the digital age. (Somehow, the installation reminds me of Videodrome …)

Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness
Meeting the Modern Guru.

Tanjong Pagar

Three installations await at Tanjong Pagar.

The ethereal BottleBlooms.
Kickit Team Tennis | DTP Community Green
Kickit Team Tennis at DTP Community Green.
Hidden Garden by Koros Design (Hungary)
An otherworldly bloom from Hidden Garden.

BottleBloomsby Singaporean artist Yun is a captivating display of solar-powered plastic blossoms upcycled from approximately 1,000 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from a public collection drive, a creative execution that demonstrates the transformative potential of discarded materials. For the active and playful at heart, Kickit Team Tennisat DTP Community Green isan interactive light installation by Hungary-based artist collective Limelight where two teams of up to five a side can put their agility to the test in a game reminiscent of tennis.

Over at Tras Link Park, just steps away, Hidden Garden by Koros Design (Hungary) features trees dressed up with light art inflatables to pay tribute to the beautiful flora and fauna in beautiful Singapore.

Other i Light Singapore 2024 Highlights

The Conscious Festival x iLSG Marketplace
The Conscious Festival x iLSG Marketplace on May 31.

The Conscious Festival x iLSG 2024

This year, The Conscious Festival is partnering iLSG 2024 to present three weekends of “cosmic playground” at Marina Bay.

What this means is that there’ll be a variety of talks, workshops, marketplaces, and performances around the festive grounds every weekend during iLSG 2024. From talks on fashion linearity and Circularity to Yoga Workshops and marketplaces happening every weekend.

Check the link above for locations, nature, and schedules of programmes.

Gastrobeats 2024

Gastrobeats doesn’t require any detailed introduction, does it? Well, this year, it’s back at the same spot, i.e., Bayfront Event Space. It’s as large as ever, too, and with over 200 food options from around the world.

Naturally, there’s a stage as well, beer and alcohol zones, family-friendly games and activities, and lots, lots of seats for everyone. TBH, I think there are more seats this year compared to 2023.

Gastrobeats 2024 | Bayfront Event Space
Gastrobeats 2024 has lots of stalls and open-air seating for everyone.
Gastrobeats 2024 Food
Lots of food options too. Not just your usual SG event hipster food but an international selection.
Gastrobeats @ Bayfront Event Space
Various carnival games and stage entertainment too. There’s also an Indonesia retail zone.

Major Gastrobeats sponsor Coca-Cola furthermore has a special zone of fun for all visitors! At Coca-Cola Food Fest, you can participate in multi-sensorial activities and games, capture plenty of Insta-worthy photos to create lasting memories, and of course, savour the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola while enjoying delicious bites.

Highlights at Coca-Cola Food Fest include:

  • Larger-than-life: Rock, Paper, Scissor – Challenge your friends and battle it out with a larger-than-life-sized Rock Paper Scissors Game with a Coke twist!
  • Recycle Me! – Score as many points by throwing empty bottles into the basketball bins to encourage recycling. This game celebrates Coca-Cola’s launch of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles last year.
  • Coke Photo Booth – Create memories with friends and family and personalize these photos with fun stickers and Coke icons!
  • Chill at the Coke Sitting Zone – Need a break? Relax and unwind at the Coke Sitting Zone! Grab a chilled can of Coca-Cola, find your cozy spot, and let the festival atmosphere waft over you.
  • More fun with Schweppes and FUZE TEA™ – Apart from the Coca-Cola zone, there will be special zones for Schweppes and Fuze Tea, where consumers can enjoy even more photo opportunities and play fun games such as the Golf challenge. Be one of the first to try out the new Fuze Tea variant – Peach Mint Tea – at the Fuze Tea Relax Zone!
Coca-Cola Food Fest | Gastrobeats 2024
The Coca-Cola Food Fest is part of Coca-Cola “A Recipe for Magic,” which is rooted in the belief that be it an everyday meal or a specially planned occasion, meal moments become magical and meaningful when enjoyed together with Coca-Cola.
Larger-than-life: Rock, Paper Scissor | Gastrobeats 2024
Larger-than-life: Rock, Paper, Scissors, challenge!
Purchase a Coke x Food combo, available all over Gastrobeats 2024, complete 3 fun activities, and redeem a free gift.
Schweppes @ Gastrobeats 2024
Don’t forget to check out the Schweppes booth behind Coca-Cola’s. It’s a great photo backdrop and there’s a fun golf game here.

Other iLSG 2024 Programmes

To deepen the festival experience, i Light Forum offers visitors the opportunity to discover how design and lighting can shape a sustainable future, or have a peek behind the scenes of artwork creation.

A Guided Tour by Let’s Go Tour Singapore uncovers the creative ideas and stories behind the light art installations, while the Community Green Market by Discover Tanjong Pagar x Sunday Social invites you to discover artisanal crafts from homegrown brands, At the green market, you can also groove to music beats generated by a solar-powered audio system.

Check this festival page for details!

i Light Singapore 2024 ends on Jun 24, 2024.

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i Light Singapore 2024 | What to Expect and Enjoy (Video)
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i Light Singapore 2024 | What to Expect and Enjoy (Video)
i Light Singapore 2024 embraces the theme of Cyclical Nature and the colour green. Here are the installations and events to expect and enjoy.

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