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JustCo launches business solutions plaform
JustCo launches business solutions plaform for startups and SMEs.

JustCo, Asia’s leading flexible workspace solutions provider, announced on May 23, 2024, the launch of JustCo Business Solutions, a brand new platform that elevates the JustCo member experience beyond coworking workspaces.

Conceptualised to empower JustCo members, in particular SMEs and startups, the platform connects members with exclusive partner privileges and structured professional services in marketing, finance, human resource, design, and more. With a focus on growth on growth and scalability, JustCo Business Solutions also seeks to provide the support members need to thrive in today’s dynamic market. An objective that aligns with JustCo’s latest refreshed brand purpose, “The Place That Works For You”.

JustCo Business Solutions – Providing More Than Just a Coworking Space

A recent survey by Milieu Insight, commissioned by JustCo, found that amenities and services are important to SMEs, with 64 percent of respondents highlighting their importance. Employee productivity and well-being were also highlighted as crucial factors, with 52 percent of respondents placing an emphasis on these aspects when selecting a workspace.

These survey results underscore the importance of providing SMEs with convenient access to vital professional services and solutions. Through JustCo Business Solutions, the coworking space solution provider aims to go beyond simply providing flexible workspaces. The new platform will serve as a catalyst for innovation. It will also be an avenue that connects members with the wider business community.

By infusing a strong sense of place and local heritage within JustCo premises, JustCo furthermore strives to foster a deeper sense of belonging for professionals, in turn motivating them to perform at their best.

As of the date of launch, JustCo Business Solutions provides access to nine partners across the finance and accounting, marketing, design, and human resource industries. Exclusive partner privileges focus on exclusive discounts by partners such as foodpanda, Secretlab, and Sleek.

A Boost for Local Entrepreneurs

Notably, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE.sg), a national trade association, is one of the partners of JustCo Business Solutions. Startup founders who use the platform can enjoy 15 percent off ACE.SG’s Singapore Immersion Programme and Overseas Mission Trips. Founders will also receive 10 percent savings when they register for ACE.SG’s incubator programme.

Patrick Lim, Chief Executive Officer, ACE.SG, said. “Building a vibrant, cohesive, and supportive ecosystem is central to our mission as the national trade association for startups. We are delighted to collaborate with JustCo in their efforts in providing not just creative workspace solutions but also additional support to help accelerate the entrepreneurial journey among founders and growth of startups in Singapore.”

JustCo campaign video
JustCo’s latest campaign video spotlights inspiring leadership within the vibrant JustCo community and beyond. The video features (from left) The Immigration People Founder and Managing Director Elena Kwa, DollarsAndSense Co-founder and Managing Editor Timothy Ho, Josiah Associates Pte Ltd Chief of Business Development Joanne Leow, Vpon AI Big Data Group Director of Business and Partnership SEA Samson Chan, Privyr Pte Ltd Co-founder and CEO Aaron Lim, Payoneer Singapore Pte Ltd Senior Vice President Nagesh Devata, ALIVE Managing Director Charlotte Birley, and Leap Philanthropy General Manager Ho Kee Liang.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence

In conjunction with their brand refresh efforts, JustCo has spotlighted eight exceptional business leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries in their newest campaign video. These leaders exemplify the spirit of innovation and collaboration, inspiring professionals around them to connect with the wider JustCo community, engage in meaningful exchanges, and unlock opportunities for their next breakthrough.

Kong Wan Long, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, JustCo, said. “It is crucial for professionals to create a meaningful connection with the workplace to achieve success as the business landscape is evolving. At JustCo, we strive to develop a deeper sense of belonging among employees by providing a unique and personalised workspace experience that works for all professionals.”


He added: “Our new support platform goes beyond flexible workspace solutions, extending the traditional co-working experience to one that empowers businesses, particularly SMEs and startups. We’re committed to being a trusted partner, guiding our members through the complexities of the modern business environment with our comprehensive range of services. This equips them for success on their entrepreneurial journey.”

With over 40 centres across Asia Pacific, JustCo is committed to sustainable growth across its six regional markets. The company has already secured a series of new centre launches for the year ahead. By leveraging its innovative support platform and commitment to empowering businesses, especially SMEs, the company is ready to significantly accelerate the growth of businesses in the region and beyond.

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JustCo Business Solutions | An Experience Beyond Workspaces
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JustCo Business Solutions | An Experience Beyond Workspaces
JustCo Business Solutions connects JustCo members with a range of professional services and exclusive partner privileges.

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