Pazzion Café x Saturnbird Collaboration | A New Coffee Experience

Pazzion Café x Saturnbird Coffee Collaboration
Pazzion Café x Saturnbird Coffee Collaboration.

Are you ready for a different coffee experience, one bursting with flavour, or if you prefer it that way, made heavenly with classic Bailey’s Cream?

Pazzion Café is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Saturnbird, the innovative coffee brand known for revolutionizing the coffee experience. From Jun 1 to 30, 2024, coffee enthusiasts can indulge in a creative, flavorful fusion of coffee and unusual flavours, a collaboration that will provide a fresh twist on all expectations about coffee.

Four exclusive beverages crafted with Saturnbird’s specialty coffee will be available. These cocktail-like creations are:

Summer Blooms (No.1) | Pazzion Cafe x Saturnbird Collaboration
Summer Blooms (No.1).

Summer Blooms (No.1): A refreshing blend of green apple, wild mint, white grape, lime juice, soda, and Saturnbird No. 1 Coffee.

Sunrise Serenade (No.3)
Sunrise Serenade (No.3).

Sunrise Serenade (No.3): Start your day with a burst of flavor with grapefruit and Saturnbird No. 3 Coffee.

Baileys Whisper Cocktail (No.3) | Coffee Cocktails in Singapore
Baileys Whisper Cocktail (No.3).

Baileys Whisper Cocktail (No.3): Indulge in a classic decadent treat with Baileys, hazelnut, milk, and Saturnbird No. 3 Coffee. (*Contains Alcohol)

Tropical Tango (No.6) | Pazzion Cafe Saturnbird Coffee
Tropical Tango (No.6).

Tropical Tango (No.6): Transport yourself to an exotic paradise with yuzu, cinnamon powder, tonic water, and Saturnbird No. 6 Coffee.

To highlight, Saturnbird is famous for specialty coffee crafted using cold extraction and an intelligent drying process to preserve natural flavors and aromas. Numbered 1 to 6, each digit represents a different roast level. For example, Number 1 is a 30 percent light roast, while Number 6 is a 100 percent dark roast.

For the collaboration, Pazzion Café provides appropriately coloured tags to indicate the type of roast used with the beverage served.

Collaboration Special Offer

Enjoy 10 percent off the retail pack for Pazzion Members or with the purchase of any Pazzion X Saturnbird Coffee beverages.


Feel free to take your empty coffee pod home and give them a new life through recycling. Let your imagination run wild and explore creative ways to repurpose them!

A Surprising, Refreshing Coffee Experience

I had the pleasure of trying Tropical Tango earlier this week and it was certainly an unusual experience.

Having not … read up beforehand about the collaboration, I expected coffee brewed the usual way and/or served with ice. When Pazzion’s staff came to introduce the four creations, I did my best not to raise eyebrows when he mentioned green apple, grapefruit, and soda water. (What the what?!?)

What’s more surprising, in turn, was how well the flavours blended together while remaining individually distinct. I could clearly taste the yuzu highlights. Unexpectedly, dark roast coffee with tonic water was a winning combination too.

Definitely an unusual, refreshing beverage experience I was glad to have the opportunity to try.

Pazzion Café Saturnbird Coffee Collaboration
A wonderfully different and refreshing coffee drink.
Pazzion Changi Airport T2
A new Pazzion outlet at Changi Airport T2.

New Pazzion Outlet at Changi Airport T2

Just to highlight, Pazzion recently unveiled its latest store at Changi Airport Terminal 2’s Departure/Transit Lounge too.

The new store is designed to be a sanctuary of style and comfort, catering to the needs of the contemporary modern woman. With its clean aesthetics and minimalist design, this new outlet boasts soft, soothing neutral tones, creating an inviting atmosphere for travelers. The store also features a curated collection of footwear, bags, and lifestyle items that blend comfort with timeless elegance.

Pazzion Changi Airport Terminal 2 is at:

60 Airport Boulevard, Departure/Transit Lounge South, #02-201, Singapore 819643, 6.00 am – 12.00 am (Daily)

The Pazzion Cafe x Saturnbird collaboration is from Jun 1 to 30, 2024. Pazzion Café is located at Ngee Ann City Basement 1, #B1-39/40.

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Pazzion Café x Saturnbird Collaboration | A New Coffee Experience
Article Name
Pazzion Café x Saturnbird Collaboration | A New Coffee Experience
Pazzion Café and Saturnbird present four innovative coffee drinks. Available at Pazzion Café only for the month of Jun 2024.

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