Subway Introduces Spicy Beef Taco and Chicken Chorizo Subs

Subway Spicy Beef Taco
The new Subway Subway Spicy Beef Taco Sub. (Image by Subway Singapore)

Do you like Subway Everyday Value Meal sets? You know, the ones that comes with a 6-inch sub, a drink, and choice of cookie?

If you do, there’s great news for you. Subway has added two new exciting flavours to its Everyday Value Meal sets – Spicy Beef Taco and Chicken Chorizo.

The Spicy Beef Taco is the sandwich brand’s first-ever beef value meal. The juicy, spicy ground beef goes perfectly with toasted bread, delivering an exceptionally satisfying bite.

Chicken Chorizo is, well, chicken sausage. A flavour-packed, symphony of savoury and sweet tastes, with a distinct smoky note that adds depth to every bite.

Subway Chicken Chorizo
Chicken Chorizo. (Image by Subway Singapore)

For Subway fans who prefer the classics, Egg Mayo and Veggie Delite™ will continue to delight. Egg Mayo features creamy, rich mayonnaise with bits of boiled egg generously spread on toasted bread, while Veggie Delite™, boasts crisp lettuce, zesty jalapeño, and an array of favourite veggies on freshly toasted bread, creating an absolutely crunchy and delightful salad sandwich experience.

All Everyday Value Meal sets are priced at SGD 6.80, and as highlighted above, come with a drink and choice of cookie. (The cookie is … something I look forward to whenever buying the set …) Eager to try the two new flavours? There are already available as of today, i.e. May 22. Check them out at your nearest Subway branch!

Subway Singapore website. Have a look at their new Energy Bowls too!

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Subway Introduces Spicy Beef Taco and Chicken Chorizo Subs
Article Name
Subway Introduces Spicy Beef Taco and Chicken Chorizo Subs
Subway Singapore turns up the flavour with two new sandwiches in the Everyday Value Meal sets: Spicy Beef Taco and Chicken Chorizo.

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