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myFirst Frame Doodle Review
myFirst Frame Doodle Review

I’ve mentioned the myFirst Frame Doodle twice on this site in recent months. Here’s a full review of this family-orientated digital frame.

First off, myFirst is a Singaporean manufacturer of kids-friendly and kids-orientated tech products. Or “kids-tech” as it’s sometimes called. Devoted to developing a safe and suitable tech ecosystem for kids through fun devices, the company is over six years old and might soon be listed in the United States.

At the moment, they have quite a wide selection of lifestyle tech gadgets geared towards children and families. From wireless earbuds for below 12s to kids’ cameras, to digital frames like the Frame Doodle.

The Frame Doodle itself works in tandem with the free myFirst Circle App. Wait, I should say, you must have the app installed and activated in order to “launch” the frame. (I’ll elaborate later) In essence, once you have everything properly set up, whatever you capture with the app can immediately be shared with the frame. Not just pictures but captions and notes too.

Like many digital frames today, myFirst Frame Doodle also has an alarm clock function, and here’s where things get interesting—the frame can double as a sleep sound device.

The connectivity and sleep sound functions thus make the Frame Doodle a multi-use gadget. To jump ahead, these are the reasons to evaluate whether considering whether to buy the frame for yourself or a loved one.

myFirst Frame Doodle Key Specs

  • Dimension: 252.3*173.6*22mm
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Internal Storage: 32GB
  • External Storage: TF card, up to 32GB
  • Display: 1067x800px (9-inch 4:3) | Touch-enabled
  • Display Panel: AG (anti-glare)/Touch Panel/IPS
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz
  • USB 2.0: Type-C
  • Picture Format: JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG
  • Music Format: Mp3 / WMA / OGG / AAC / APE / FLAC / WAV
  • Video Format: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Xvid, AVI, M-JPEG, H.263, H.264 BP/MP/HP, VP8, WMV9/VC-1

I’m going to highlight this here instead of later. When I first read about the myFirst Frame Doodle last year, I immediately assumed it was a doodling device, the likes of the classic Magna Doodle.

But no, it’s not a drawing device. There’s no such function at all. Instead, the frame comes with a removable, coloured protective frame on which kids can draw or stick stickers. (The bundle includes some stickers)

It’s a little, erm, confusing, although the official webpage does somewhat make it clear that there’s no drawing function. Highlighting this here so that no one else would be confused like yours sincerely.


myFirst Frame Doodle Digital Frame
myFirst Frame Doodle measures approximately 30 cm diagonally but it comes in a much larger box. I think this makes the frame very presentable as a gift if you know what I mean.
myFirst Frame Doodle Box Contents
A summary of what’s inside the box.
As mentioned earlier, some fun stickers are included in the package.
myFirst Frame Doodle Plugs
This was a surprise for me. The package includes quite an assortment of power plug adapters. I think this is a thoughtful touch on myFirst’s part. (The design forbids you from using these adapters with other plugs, though)
myFirst Frame Doodle Connections
A look at the power and connectivity ports. Important highlight: The frame doesn’t contain a battery. It needs a constant power source to operate, i.e., it needs to be plugged in to work. (A power bank via USB-C works too)
myFirst Circle
Reminder to download myFirst Circle.

Setting Up the myFirst Frame Doodle

Importantly, you need two things on hand to set up myFirst Frame Doodle. Your home WIFI password and the myFirst Circle app installed and activated on your smartphone.


When you power on the frame for the first time, you’d be asked to choose and access a WIFI network, after which you would be prompted to scan a QR code with myFirst Circle to register/link the device.

Not doing so … freezes the frame, as in you wouldn’t be able to proceed further. On this, well, I understand it’s myFirst’s design decision for the frame to be used together with the free app; the packaging is obvious enough about that. Still, I suspect some folks might mind not being able to use the product purely as a standalone digital frame.

Moving on, once you have WIFI and myFirst Circle connections established, the frame shows a blank screen. Swiping down then brings out the control menu and from here you can select which pictures to display, whether to activate motion detection, what transition effects to use, whether to activate the alarm functions, etc.

myFirst Frame Doodle Settings
Swiping down brings forth a simple interface. You can use this to access a detailed menu that includes media management options and transition effects.

On the whole, this installation process is easy enough. That being said, you do still need a basic familiarity with modern digital processes to get things to work. For a start, the full instruction manual is only available online via a QR code.

If you’re giving the frame to a young child or an elderly person unfamiliar with such processes, you might need to be there during setup.

Quality of the Display

myFirst Frame Doodle uses a 9” matt, anti-glare, IPS screen, with the pixel resolution of the screen slightly below HD levels. While these numbers would pale when compared to, say, the latest Samsung tablets, pictures displayed on the screen are generally vibrant and rich in colour.

Somewhat lacking in sharpness because of the resolution but overall good enough for simpler digital displays.

Issues With Movie Files

This was surprising, since the official specs listed a variety of movie formats. myFirst Frame Doodle had no difficulty reading movie files, but it does have difficulties playing most. As in, the video runs but there’s a lot of stuttering. With larger files, the issue worsens.

I initially thought this was a file format/size issue, so I experimented with smaller files in different formats. Regrettably, the issue largely persists and I have to conclude that this is an OS or graphic acceleration issue.

Since myFirst Circle doesn’t allow you to post videos to the feed, at least not with my version of the app, I also presume that the frame is not meant for video displays despite the specifications highlighting various compatibilities.

“Uploading” Photo/Video Transfer via myFirst Circle

As you can see in one of the pictures above, there’s a memory card slot next to the power inlet. Slot one in, use the menu to select the correct folder where your media is, and that’s that. The frame starts displaying the materials in your chosen media folder. It’s as easy as it goes.

myFirst Digital Frame
Using myFirst Circle as a standard digital frame is straightforward enough. Using myFirst Circle as a standard digital frame is straightforward enough. By the way, screen brightness is adjustable.

That’s not the star feature of myFirst Frame Doodle, though. The best magic, so to speak, is the ability of the frame to display photos captured with the myFirst Circle app using the linked smartphone.

Here’s how it works. You activate the app. You take a photo. (Only photos). You edit the photo, if you need to, before posting it to your Circle Feed with comments. As long as you have the right sharing preferences selected, the frame will “capture” what’s shared and allow these photos to be displayed.

Once a photo is displayed in the frame, you can long tap to leave comments too.

myFirst Frame Doodle Picture Sharing
Pictures captured with myFirst Circle are “auto-synced” with myFirst Frame Doodle as long as your WiFI connection is active.

In actual use, the process is very much as it should be, with one exception. I didn’t have difficulties “transferring” my first batch of pictures to the frame. However, when I added another two, the refresh button wasn’t able to capture these additions.

I needed to restart the frame for the additions to be included.

In another scenario, new pictures that I had posted to the Circle Feed did not appear the next day when I powered on the frame. They only appeared after I went into the media browser via settings.

myFirst Frame Doodle Alarm Clock
The alarm clock function has a simple presentation.

Alarm and Sleep Sounds

myFirst Frame Doodle comes with a basic alarm clock function. This can be activated via the settings panel.

What’s more interesting is that the alarm clock comes with a selection of sleep sounds, from campfire to ocean waves to forest sounds. You can even programme the duration of the sounds. This effectively means the frame can double as a sleep aid at night when, you know, no one is interested in viewing existing or newly incoming photos?

As mentioned right at the start, I feel this is one of the most attractive reasons to buy the frame.

Review Conclusion: A Device Designed to Encourage Bonding

I’ve so far examined the hardware and software aspects of myFirst Frame Doodle. Let me take a step back and examine whom I think the frame would be great for.

Younger kids would undoubtedly love this device; the real-time updates to the picture feed and all that. Oh look, daddy is going for lunch. Oh no! Daddy dropped his sandwich!!!! The removable, “drawable” cover should appeal too.

But as myFirst prominently highlights on their product page, this is a gadget meant for grandparents; it’s a different, fun way of staying in touch. Grandmas and grandpas can instantly know what their beloved grandchildren are up to, and leave comments. The removable cover also means grandchildren can customise the frame before gifting it.

Naturally, parents could enjoy this frame too. To give an example, if you’re going overseas to work or study, this frame can be a different way to stay in touch. You can, of course, do the same thing with a phone or video call, but well, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

Coming back to the technical specs and processes, I think myFirst Frame Doodle is built on a great concept but the software powering it might need some extra work, i.e., updates. Other than the refreshing and video issues that I’ve highlighted, the interface could be more intuitive; I didn’t know I could respond to comments with a long press and this wasn’t highlighted anywhere. In general, the screen resolution might not be enough for some users too.

myFirst Frame Doodle does try to compensate in other ways, though, not just by providing an alarm clock with sleep sounds, but also with motion detection. Overall, I think this digital frame could be a fun present for family bonding. As long as you spend some time to set up and to understand the controls.


  • Instant photo sharing with myFirst Circle app
  • Vibrant screen colours with adjustable brightness
  • Ability to comment on photo shares
  • Motion detection
  • An alarm clock with sleep sounds
  • Protective cover can be customised


  • Screen resolution could be better
  • OS has issues playing videos & capturing new photo shares

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myFirst Frame Doodle Review | The Scribbling Geek
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