AVANT Premiere | The LASALLE Show 2024

AVANT Premiere | The LASALLE Show 2024
AVANT Premiere | The LASALLE Show 2024

Allow me to give mention to a special filmmaking event that happened last Tuesday on May 14, 2024.

Held at The Projector, Cineleisure, and part of this year’s THE LASALLE Show, AVANT Premiere featured five selected thesis films by the 2024 graduating cohort of the LASALLE’s BA (Hons) Film programme. Four fiction and one documentary narrative each explored a different social or cultural concern in a different style. Each feature was also a demonstration of the graduating cohort’s ability to manage the complex business that is movie making. To quote from the programme booklet, a demonstration that exemplified filmmaking solutions “in a truly collaborative spirit.”

I attended the premiere knowing beforehand that I would be impressed and I was not disappointed. While the fussy (wannabe) critic in me could find various minor things to pick at, each thesis film exhibited genuine mastery of cinematography, editing, sound, and to a great extent, a grasp of the elusive art of storytelling.

With each production succinctly addressing a different cultural or social concern, it’s clear that this year’s graduating cohort also possesses the ability to engage, persuade, and improve our society. Important tasks which some might say is what filmmaking should be all about.

LASALLE BA (Hons) Film programme Thesis Films 2024

The Ability to Engage the Disinterested

As mentioned, the five thesis films screened each highlighted a social concern or tribulation. For example, the lingering trauma of childhood abuse, the loneliness of the elderly who have lost their life partners, or foreign domestic workers’ sorrows.

At the risk of painting myself an apathetic recluse, I share that these concerns aren’t topics that I passionately care for or regularly fret about. In fact, out of the five films screened, only Trilingual Education Programme is somewhat relatable—the “story” explores how Chinese dialects are more than just communication tools but are also emotional connections. In my extended family, I’m the only one of my generation who still speaks our dialect.

Despite that, the other four films were each able to encourage my attention, and during their respective runs, secured my emotional involvement. Some accomplished the task with humor, such as Electric Wongaloo, while others used suspense, such as the gripping In Your Shadow and to a lesser extent, Balang Araw.

A tome could be written to discuss the hallmarks of a good film, but to me, the ability to engage the disinterested is one of the loftiest accomplishments of any movie. I dislike Cowboy Westerns. But if ten minutes with one makes me want to watch the whole show, then that is a great movie in my books.

LASALLE’s AVANT Premiere 2024 showcased two hours of this lofty accomplishment.

Please Read the Programme Booklet

No movie, however short, is the effort of just one or two persons. I have limited space on this site too. And so I strongly urge you to download and read the official AVANT Premiere 2024 programme booklet. The booklet has detailed write-ups about the 2024 graduating cohort.


If you love movies, if you are keen to see the local filmmaking industry grow, or are in the process of making one for your organization, do remember the names in the booklet. All of these young professionals are worth keeping a lookout for.

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AVANT Premiere | The LASALLE Show 2024
Article Name
AVANT Premiere | The LASALLE Show 2024
AVANT Premiere 2024 featured a selection of thesis films from the 2024 graduating cohort of LASALLE College of the Arts’s BA (Hons) Film programme.

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