Tulipmania 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Tulipmania 2024 | Gardens by the Bay
Tulipmania 2024 | Gardens by the Bay

The tenth edition of Tulipmania features rows and rows of tulip blooms surrounding classic Dutch architecture.

Are you aware that there is an annual tulip season in Singapore, one that happens at about the same weeks as the yearly extravaganza at Keukenhof?

… ……

I jest, but, hang on, it’s not completely untrue. Together with dahlias, cherry blossoms, and poinsettias, springtime tulips has been a yearly feature at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. Almost every tulip exhibition is Dutch-themed, too, a notable exception being last year’s Turkish inspired one.

This year’s Tulipmania returns once more to The Netherlands and as you’d expect, is full of all things Dutch. Windmills, Delft miniatures, wooden clogs, and so on. On the whole, ermm, I feel this year’s edition is on the simpler side too. Though there’s no shortage of things to see or photograph, the only spectacular structure is a windmill, albeit a tall one.

But maybe I’m just spoilt rotten by the grander flower exhibitions in recent years. After all, the stars aren’t architectural or cultural highlights, but the tulip blooms themselves.

Nothing beats seeing rows and rows of them, in all sorts of vibrant colours, at the heart of the Flower Dome.

All pictures in this post were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Other than resizing and watermarking, all photos are unedited.

Tulipmania 2024 – 10 Years of Tulip Beauty in Singapore

To highlight, this year’s Tulipmania is the tenth time the exhibition is happening at Gardens by the Bay. This year’s edition is thus intentionally reminiscent of the very first one in 2013. (According to the official website)

I don’t remembering visiting the inaugural exhibition in 2013 but I did go the next year. If you’re wondering how the displays were a decade ago, check out this, this, and this picture.

Tulipmania Exhibition Singapore
The exhibition begins with a classic Dutch farmhouse, one that’s flanked by modern wind turbines. The Netherlands uses a lot of such turbines to supply clean and renewable energy.
Tulipmania Flower Dome
Overall, Tulipmania 2024 has a more rustic, countryside feel when compared to other Flower Dome exhibitions in recent years.
Tulip Exhibition in Singapore
I like those cows and sheeps, and that green farmhouse. I remember seeing such green farmhouses at Zaanse Schans when I visited The Netherlands years ago.
Tulipmania 2024 Windmill
Here’s the showpiece windmill. It moves, by the way.
Dutch Kissing Couple Figure
This kissing couple is one of the classic “sights” of The Netherlands, although no one seems to know for sure when and where it originated!
KLM Miniature Delft Houses
The “Delft Blue House” displays (what I believe is) the complete set of miniature Delft houses given by KLM to business class passengers. There’s also a related lucky draw with the prize being a pair of round-trip tickets to Amsterdam. If you’re visiting Tulipmania 2024, have a go at it!

Just to share, my favourite part of the exhibition was the Delft Blue House. I’ve always loved these classic Dutch souvenirs. I have two of those houses, too, given to me by a European friend.

Singapore Flower Dome Tulips
Time for the tulips themselves! Here are some classic yellow ones.
These fiery-looking ones simply invoke passion.
Tulipmania Singapore
Here’s the green farmhouse again, surrounded by lush vegetation, vibrant flowers, and … rabbits.
Gardens by the Bay Tulip Exhibition
Wooden clogs are another symbol of the Netherlands and there’s a devoted corner for them just before the exit.

Tulipmania 2024 ends on May 26, 2024. Admission charges to the Flower Dome applies.

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Tulipmania 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Article Name
Tulipmania 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Tulipmania 2024 is the tenth edition of this annual flower dome exhibition. Other than rows of vibrant tulips blooms, there’s a windmill and watermill to enjoy.

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