The Social Chamber | Where Work Meets Social

The Social Chamber | Themed Spaces for Rental in SIngapore
The Social Chamber | Themed Spaces for Rental in SIngapore.

Are you looking for a themed space for work, relaxation, or hanging out? Say, a Japanese space while you’re writing a Japan travel article or a wizard room for your D&D campaigns?

If you are, check out The Social Chamber, located just 5 minutes from Exit A of Chinatown MRT Station. The brainchild of local entrepreneur Toby Cai, The Social Chamber officially opened on Feb 15, 2024, and aims to integrate various aspects of remote work and socialisation in a single physical space.

Cai himself is well familiar with the challenges of finding a unique yet comfortable sanctuary to retreat to when life becomes overwhelming, thus his determination to create such a space for Singapore. Growing up in a bustling, multi-generational family, Toby often found his home crowded and lacking in private areas where he could both work and socialise with friends.

Driven by his own experiences, Toby envisioned a space that seamlessly combined the privacy and functionality of a traditional workspace with the vibrancy and social aspects of a hangout spot. His goal was to ensure that users could seamlessly transition between remote work, movie nights, social gatherings, and business meetings. All within the same versatile and affordable space.

The Jungle Room
Work or relax amidst greenery in the Jungle Room.
The Wizard Room | The Social Chamber
The Wizard Room with its floating candles is inspired by … I’m sure you recognise those four school emblems.

6 Uniquely Themed Rooms Tailored to Diverse Needs

Spanning 1,200 square feet, The Social Chamber provides 6 uniquely themed rooms, each tailored to diverse needs and preferences. Every space delivers a distinct atmosphere, too, from the medieval-inspired Dungeon Room, adorned with a shield and a sword, to the surprising element within the Mystery Room.

For those with a magical streak, the Wizard Room provides ample space for witches’ and wizards’ gatherings. Steps away, the Japanese Room offers a taste of Japan with its tranquil setting, perfect for meetings, or social gatherings, or even zen mediation?

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the lush greenery of the Jungle Room, an indoor oasis for work or relaxation. Lastly, the Space Room brings all on a galactic journey with moonlit decor. It’s the perfect stage for an immersive, sci-fi trip.

The Space Room @ The Social Chamber
Hosting a sci-fi movie marathon? The Space Room will be perfect.

Room Capacity and Amenities

The rooms of The Social Chamber have different maximum capacities, ranging from 2 pax to 12 pax.

Designed to provide a functional experience, every space features 55 to 65-inch television screens, too, perfect for projecting spreadsheets during meetings or enjoying a movie night with friends on YouTube.

Plush couches and desks are available, making the rooms ideal for remote work sessions, social gatherings, or cosy movie marathons.


Last but not least, with high-speed WiFi and premium sound quality from the sound bars, users can seamlessly connect and immerse themselves in their tasks or entertainment. Thoughtfully curated interior decor enhances the ambience, while soundproof partition walls ensure privacy and minimal disruptions.

How to Book a Room at The Social Chamber

Secure your spot by making reservations through the official website at  

Stay in the loop with the latest news and updates by following @thesocialchamber on Instagram and TikTok.


Pricing varies depending on peak and non-peak periods, ranging from an affordable SGD 9.90 per hour/pax to SGD 58 for the day.

The Social Chamber is conveniently located less than 5 minutes away from Exit A of Chinatown MRT Station (DT19) at 11 Mosque St, #02-01, Singapore 059491. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm.

The Social Chamber | Where Work Meets Social
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The Social Chamber | Where Work Meets Social
The Social Chamber offers 6 uniquely themed rooms for work, relaxation, or play. Located a convenient 5 minutes from Chinatown MRT Station.

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