Cellography Celebrates 10th Anniversary With “Journey of a Decade” Concert

Cellography 10th Anniversary Concert
Cellography 10th Anniversary Concert.

Cellography is celebrating its 10th birthday with a special anniversary concert!

Helmed by established local cellist, educator, and composer, Mr. Hughes Chong, Cellography is Singapore’s only cello pop orchestra, comprising a vibrant mix of individuals seeking to immerse themselves in music and share its joy with others.

Their special 10th Anniversary concert will bring audiences on a decade-long journey with a wide-ranging musical feast with highlights such as the majestic battle drums of Game of Thrones and the dreamy wistfulness of Rainbow Connection. The concert programme will also include popular movie and Broadway theme songs such as Into the Unknown and Mamma Mia.

For older audiences, numerous Chinese oldies deliver a nostalgic journey. The celebratory event promises a night of fun and entertainment for all.

Cellography anniversary concert.

Surviving the Impact of COVID-19

The music industry, like all other arts sectors, was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many music events such as festivals and concerts were either cancelled or postponed.

While some musicians and composers used this time to create new works, the cancellation of events had a ripple effect on many artists. From performers who depend on live events for their livelihood to concertgoers who desire live music as a pastime.

Cellography was not spared. Cellography was in the midst of preparing for its concert in 2020 when COVID-19 hit. This then led to the cancellation of the (2020) concert and the forfeiture of theatre hall booking deposit.

It was a tough and challenging period for many, particularly for a small and private orchestra group.


Cellography survived the COVID-19 pandemic, though. After the pandemic, many people were eager to attend concerts and live events again, as a way to make up for lost time and experiences.

This phenomenon has been dubbed “revenge concert-going” and saw audiences flocking to concerts and music festivals, eager to once again savour live music and the sense of community that comes with it.


The pent-up demand for live entertainment subsequently led to a surge in ticket sales and concert attendance. Many artists and performers were also eager to get back on stage and connect with their fans, making for a vibrant and exciting atmosphere at these events.

Cellography’s “Journey of a Decade” anniversary concert promises a fun and engaging experience for people of all ages. The concert will be held on Saturday, Jul 13, 2024, at Gateway Theatre.

Tickets are priced at SGD 55, SGD 45, SGD 35, and SGD 26, and can be booked via SISTIC Ticketing (https://www.sistic.com.sg/events/decade0724).

Cellography Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Celebratory Concert
Article Name
Cellography Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Celebratory Concert
Cellography, Singapore’s only cello pop orchestra, presents the “Journey of a Decade” concert to mark their 10th anniversary.

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