Experiencing Star Wars Day 2024 at Science Centre Singapore

May The 4th Be With You | Science Centre Singapore
Chewie welcoming all to Star Wars Day at Science Centre Singapore.

I’ve posted about this recently.

For the first time ever, annual “May The 4th Be With You” celebrations, or Star Wars Day, took place at Science Centre Singapore.

Lasting two days with special programmes like Build-a-Lightsaber Workshop, Toy Photography, and of course, cosplaying, the event was organised by #MAYTHE4THSG – a group of Star Wars fans who curate all things Star Wars. The event was also held in conjunction with the Science Centre’s Sci-Fi Fiesta.

I’ve never attended a May-the-4th event and so I decided to head over for a look. Let’s just say, it was astonishing. I long knew there is a passionate community of Star Wars fans in Singapore but I didn’t know there were so many fans. So many young fans too.

Padawans at Science Centre Singapore
Padawans in training! I notice a young Sith has deviously worked his way into the midst, too, while Ahsoka keeps an eye on him …

I mean, A New Hope was released nearly half a century ago, yeah? And yet, gathered before me were kindergarteners dressed as Jedi, Lightsabre and all. One even playfully swiped me and giggled when I Force-Choked him.

Is it because Disney+ successfully rekindled love for the franchise with the streaming platform’s many mini-series and features in recent years? Is it because devoted fans worldwide kept the passion alive, even grew it, throughout the decades?

Or maybe it’s just the undying magic of what has got to be the definition of the space opera genre.

It’s a question worthy of a graduation thesis, isn’t it?

May The 4th Be With You @ Science Centre Singapore

May The 4th Be With You Event @ Science Centre Singapore
I knew I was in a galaxy far, far away the moment I walked into the Annexe, where the event was held.
Mandalorians in Singapore
Mandalorians! There were a lot of Mandalorians about!
Tusken Raider Cosplay
A Tusken Raider was checking the merchandise on sale.
Star Wars Fair in Singapore
Speaking of merchandise, quite a fair amount was on sale. There were good bargains, too, like 10-dollar figurines.
Blitzminis Star Wars Tabletop Games
There was a counter by Blitzminis with Star Wars tabletop games too.
Star Wars Cosplaying in Singapore
There’s a Star Wars garrison in Singapore; check that out. I love how fans dressed up as Tie Fighter pilots too.
501st Legion Singapore Garrison
Do you wanna join the Empire? Or request for an appearance at a special event?

Mandalorian Cosplay Singapore
Like I said earlier, there were really a lot of Mandalorians. I especially love the mini-sized one in this picture too. He’s carrying Baby Yoda!

Watch my YouTube Short of “May The 4th Be With You.”


Yeah, that’s right. I haven’t visited Science Centre Singapore in like, let me see … over twenty years. (?!?!) If I remember correctly, the last time I stepped in was at the turn of the century. That also wasn’t a real visit. I was just there for a sales meeting.

Science Centre Singapore | Unusual Attraction in Singapore
The interior is now thoroughly futuristic.

In a nutshell, so much has changed! I barely recognise the layout! (In the 80s, there were just two big galleries and a small one) The presentation format has also been thoroughly revamped, as in, there’s now far less dishing out of hard facts and more focus on fun introductions, engagement, and terse summaries.

You know what I’m going to say next. If like me, you haven’t visited in years, my friend, it’s seriously time to do so.

If you’re looking for unique activities for kids, EDUCATIONAL activities, Science Centre Singapore is doubly the place to be.

The following are the exhibits I enjoyed most!

  • Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze: There’s something very therapeutic about stumbling through a mirror maze with a foam stick, tapping at everything to see whether it’s a mirrored dead end or a passageway. Gives you an idea of what writers mean when they write “They Do It With Mirrors” too.
  • Phobia²: The Science Of Fear: As a fan of horror movies, I simply adore this exhibit. Not just the ghastly clowns but also the scream booth. Didn’t try the “Buried Alive” experience, though. That’s too much!!!
  • Know Your Poo: An exhibition about sh*twith samples for you to peruse?!? It’s as EWWWW as it is hilarious. An important exhibition, though, when you consider advances in sanitary engineering in the modern era vastly lengthened human longevity.
  • Wildlife Photographer Of The Year: This isn’t for the kiddies but oh gosh, I spent over half an hour here. It’s such a photography tutorial. Each photo is accompanied by descriptions that list camera models, lens models, shutter/aperture, and even ISO. (The exhibition ends Sep 9, 2024)
Know Your Poo | Science Centre Singapore
A fart gallery with … butt cheeks for you to examine. Smaller pic: The sample sh*t …
Professor Crackitt's Light Fantastic Mirror Maze
The mirror maze is great fun. It’s also very beautiful.
Phobia²: The Science Of Fear
Phobia²: The Science Of Fear is set up like a funhouse. There are “Chicken Out” escape doors for the timid. (Laugh)
Science Centre Singapore Sci-Fi Fiesta
This was part of the Sci-Fi Fiesta. Can you guess what’s the thing on the screen? (Hint: It’s something that can supposedly survive a nuclear apocalypse)
Sci-Fi Fiesta: Build Your Own Space Vehicle
Sci-Fi Fiesta also had a “Build Your Own Space Vehicle” workshop. Who knows? These little ones might someday build actual rockets to bring us to the stars.
V the TV Series at Science Centre Singapore
I almost shrieked when I saw this photobooth. (I’m guessing it’s also part of the Sci-Fi Fiesta) V was one of my favourite series in the 80s. I went home with a badge featuring the Visitors’ logo too. Thanks, Science Centre!

Science Centre Singapore – A Fun and Educational Place for All!

Upcoming May 2024 Events at Science Centre Singapore

Again, if like me, you haven’t visited Science Centre Singapore in years, it’s time to do so! Here are some May 2024 events to look forward to.

Science Centre Singapore May 2024 Events
Come to Science Centre Singapore this May!

Merry May!

For: Age 5 and up

Date: May 1 – 31, 2024

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

Venue: Omni-Theatre

Fees: SGD 14

Celebrate a marvelous month at the Omni-Theatre and catch the film Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope, winner of the 2024 Canadian Screen Award for Sustainable Production! Purchase your tickets now to receive a door gift!*

* Applicable to purchases made in the month of May. Limited to 1 gift redemption per family. While stocks last.

Website:  https://www.gevme.com/scsonlinetickets

Gallery Demo: Jurassic Appetites

For: 5 – 6 years old

Date: Weekends from May 4 – 26, 2024

Time: 1.30 am & 3.30 pm

Venue: Dino Pit Exhibition, KidsSTOP™

Fees: Complimentary with KidsSTOP™ ticket admission

Embark on a journey to discover what dinosaurs liked to eat and how their special features helped them enjoy their food! It’s absolutely child-safe too. No human feedings!

Website:  https://www.gevme.com/scsonlinetickets

Workshop: TOTally Science – What a Bee-zy Day

For: 2 – 3 years old

Date: May 18 & 19, 2024

Time: 11 am – 12.30 pm

Venue: Science Centre Singapore

Fees: SGD 65 per parent-child pair

Discover the fascinating world of bees! Learn how honey is created and get bee-zy making delicious honey cake!

Website: https://www.gevme.com/totallyscience2024


For: Ages 5 and up

Date: May 20 – Jun 14, 2024

Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 pm | 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Venue: Science Centre Singapore & KidsSTOP™

Fees: Complimentary and paid activities available

Get ready to craft, bake, and bloom at our artsy extravaganza! Dive into a craft garden and unleash your creativity by crafting insect bots, moulding clay art keychains, baking delectable treats, and much more!

Website: https://www.science.edu.sg/whats-on/workshops-activities/gex-programmes/tinkerfest

Discovering DNA

For: All ages

Date: May 25 & 26, 2024           

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: DNA Lab, Science Centre Singapore

Fees: Complimentary with Science Centre admission

Unleash your inner child or artist, explore, and learn about the DNA that makes us who we are through games, crafts, and DIY activities.

Website: https://www.science.edu.sg/whats-on/workshops-activities/discovering-dna

KidsSTOP™’s 10th Birthday: Mess-ive Science Party

For: 2 – 8 years old

Date: May 31 – Jun 9, 2024       


AM Session: 10 am – 1 pm

PM Session: 2 pm – 5 pm

Venue: KidsSTOP™

Fees: From SGD 15

Join the biggest party at KidsSTOP™! From sensorial science activities to mind-blowing performances, spark curiosity and ignite a passion for science in your child.

Website: https://www.science.edu.sg/visit-us/kidsstop/ks-10-birthday

Other Singapore events

Experiencing Star Wars Day 2024 at Science Centre Singapore
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Experiencing Star Wars Day 2024 at Science Centre Singapore
I visited Science Centre Singapore for the two-day “May The 4th Be With You” event. Took the opportunity to re-explore the centre too.

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