Nook, an Arty New Tanjong Pagar Multi-Concept Space

Nook | Tanjong Pagar
Nook @ Tanjong Pagar

An exciting new multi-concept space has opened at Tanjong Pagar on May 1, 2024!

Spanning approximately 7,266 square feet and boasting 80 seats spread across three levels, Nook is a dynamic three-level multi-concept space set to inject fresh vitality into the bustling Tanjong Pagar District.

Developed by Reroot Asia, Nook offers contemporary European cuisine infused with Asian influences, a curated wine and cocktail selection, and captivating art installations. All within the charming confines of a quaint shophouse along Craig Road.

Nook | Multi-Concept Space in Tanjong Pagar
Nook: A new multi-concept space in Tanjong Pagar with 80 seats.

Nook also sets the stage for culinary excellence under the creative direction of Head Chef Koh Han Jie. Drawing inspiration from his distinguished career and global culinary encounters, Chef Koh’s menu celebrates the diverse tapestry of modern European culinary traditions expertly infused with Asian flair. His gourmet creations are meticulously concepualised to tantalize the palate and elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Arty Restaurant in Singapore
Refined dining in an art-inspired space.

With its industrial and brutalist interior design, Nook embodies a contemporary interpretation of Singapore’s vibrant lifestyle, where gatherings over meals are cherished traditions. Completing the experience are art installations by an emerging local talent too. These creative expressions seamlessly integrate with the venue’s dynamic atmosphere, ferrying all on a cosmopolitan journey.

Asian Twist on Contemporary European Cuisine at Nook, Level 1

Here’s a sample of the culinary masterpieces you can expect at Nook, Level 1.

Begin your culinary experience with starters like Hamachi Crudo (SGD 20) – a Japanese amberjack with tangy tomato essence and fennel. Or savour the Crispy Scales Kinmedai Alfonsino (SGD 68), paired with caviar beurre blanc and creamed lee for that ultimate umami kick.

If you’re seeking a party option that will please everyone at the table, opt for the Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata (SGD 24) – accompanied by basil and tarragon sorbet. Each bite is a perfect blend of sweet and savory, enhanced by the herbaceous notes of basil and tarragon.

For mains, feast your senses with the Aquina 1⁄2 Organic Chicken (SGD 42), aged for seven days to achieve unparalleled tenderness and flavor, and served with charred scallions for that extra smokiness. For those craving the ocean’s bounty, go for the Spanish Octopus Leg (SGD 38), a delightful blend of the Mediterranean and smoky flavors.

Nook Food
From left to right: Crispy Scales Kinmedai Alfonsino, Aqina ½ Organic Chicken, and Australian Full Blood Wagyu Skirt.
Seafood @ Nook
Irish Blue Mussels and Hokkaido Scallops

Red meat lovers aren’t ignored! Those craving a beefy indulgence can enjoy the Australian Full Blood Wagyu Skirt (SGD 42) or the Satsuma A4 Wagyu Flap (SGD 38). Both are best enjoyed with a glass of red wine.


Finally, complete your feast with a sweet treat like the Warm 70% Guanaja Molten (SGD 22), served with smoked ganache and a melty scoop of Koshihikari rice sorbet. For those with a penchant for fruit-forward desserts, look no further than the Rhubarb & Strawberry (SGD 18) with yogurt mousse. This harmonious balance of tartness and creaminess is a perfect finale for any occasion.

Nowhere Bar Tanjong Pagar
Nowhere Bar.

Nowhere, Level 2 and Members Lounge, Level 3

Despite the name, there is definitely somewhere at Nowhere, the level 2 bar that offers an array of expertly crafted cocktails in an eclectic setting adorned with repurposed mismatched furniture from Thailand.

The space features enthralling artwork throughout, providing the perfect backdrop for group photos and Instagram-worthy moments. Additionally, Nowhere Bar doubles as an event space for up to 100 guests, one that extends out to its outdoor seating area, where patrons can soak in the vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views while savoring expertly crafted cocktails and mouthwatering bar bites.

As for the Members Lounge on level 3, this is an exclusive space with a VR golfing course, cozy couches, and more. Whether it’s an intimate celebration or a corporate event, the Members Lounge provides a bespoke venue that is guaranteed to create cherished memories and foster lasting connections.

Nook represents a bold new chapter in the culinary landscape of Tanjong Pagar, promising to redefine the communal dining experience. Whether a seasoned epicurean or a curious explorer, Nook extends an invitation to all to embark on a culinary odyssey that transcends expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

For reservation, visit here or contact Nook at +65 8300 7274. For the latest updates, please follow them on Instagram.

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Drink and Unwine at Nook, a New Tanjong Pagar Multi-Concept Space
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Drink and Unwine at Nook, a New Tanjong Pagar Multi-Concept Space
Nook is an arty multi-concept space and restaurant at Tanjong Pagar with three levels, 80 seats, and a cocktail bar named Nowhere.

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