Earth X Fashion | Celebrating Earth Day 2024 and Fashion Revolution Week

Earth x Fashion 2024
Earth x Fashion 2024

Here’s another Earth Day 2024 event to look forward to.

Circular fashion enterprise Cloop has joined forces with like-minded partners to welcome Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week 2024 with Earth x Fashion,a two locations special event that will feature film screenings, pop-ups, and all sorts of fun and meaningful activities.

Together with partners Fashion Revolution Singapore, Fashion Parade, Earthkind, Raja Rani, Webeings, and Commenhers, Cloop will champion circular fashion while spreading that all important green message of loving our earth better.

From Apr 15 to 24, Weave Suites (33 Jalan Sultan), the main event venue, will host film screenings, pop-ups and other activities daily from 10 am to 8 pm. Documentaries to be screened include Melting Greenland, Slay, and The Next Black, which delve into climate change and the future of the earth and fashion.

The second creative event venue at Eat Snake (33 Desker Rd) will host workshops, fashion art showcases, a live music performance, and other events, on Apr 19 and 20, from 11 am to 9 pm.

If you’re curious about the circular economy of fashion, mending, upcycling, and thrift shopping, if you want to venture behind the scenes of the luxury and leather industries, and understand the impact of brands using animal scenes, Earth x Fashionis the event not to be missed.

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Admission is free for both events.

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What to Expect at Earth x Fashion

Many will be familiar with Cloop’s Open Wardrobe, a trust-based, unmanned thrift store with a pay-as-you-wish policy. Cloop combats fashion overconsumption and waste by offering curated preloved apparel and sustainable shopping alternatives. Part of the proceeds will be channeled to the Fashion Revolution, while WeBeings turns trash into chic bags and hats.


This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of Fashion Revolution, which will be celebrated with 10 days of action during Fashion Revolution Week 2024, the world’s largest Fashion Activism movement. The events include #MendinPublicDay on Apr 20 and the closing ceremony #RememberingRanaPlaza on Apr 24, led by Malika Avani.

In conjunction with Earth Day, Fashion Parade and the Earthkind team will also embark on a journey to shed light on the often-overlooked ‘dirty’ truth of fashion on our people and planet. Renew Earth Sweatshop Community pop-up and Commenhers will demonstrate how you can make upcycling a lifestyle with free upcycling workshops and an upcycled denim showcase. Not to be missed, Raja Rani and Ginette Chittick will lend their star power with live DJ music and artwork for sale, while Ahimsa Cafe will be dishing out delicious vegan food exclusively at Eat Snake.

Said Jasmine Tuan, Co-Founder, Cloop. “This is an exciting moment for the entire Cloop team and all our partners and friends. This year’s Earth x Fashion will be a beautiful convergence of numerous brands, each driven by a shared passion for sustainability and a deep-rooted commitment to our planet. In addition to Cloop’s Open Wardrobe, look forward to an exhilarating line-up of events and activities, all interwoven with the vibrant tapestry of creativity and culture.”

“As we gather at two venues, both open to all, we hope to spark inspiration and encourage more people to become advocates for change, while celebrating our collective efforts and paving the way towards a more sustainable future!”

Cloop Yellow Textile Recycling Bins
Cloop and partners manage several hundred textile recycling bins throughout Singapore. Do your part for circular fashion by using this bins! Do read this page to differentiate between these bins and Cloop collection boxes too!

Update: Snapshots from Earth x Fashion at Weave Suites (33 Jalan Sultan Road)

Earth x Fashion at Weave Suites
The open wardrobe is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what treasures you’ll find.
WeBeings Bags
These chic bags by WeBeings are made from uprecycled materials including plastic containers. All come with information about the persons who made them, so that you can put a face to the person whose work you’re wearing.
Singapore sustainable fashion exhibition
The event has various thoughtful and fun displays to explain the importance and meaning of sustainable fashion.
"The Art of Everyone" textile portrait.
This montage of stiches is called “The Art of Everyone.” It features upcycled textile portrait crafted from textile waste by underserved communities and people from all walks of life.
Who Made My Clothes
An important message of Earth x Fashion is the question of “Who made my clothes?” Questionable work conditions and treatment in sweatshops indeed something to be concerned about.
Earth x Fashion 3.0

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Earth X Fashion | Celebrating Earth Day 2024 and Fashion Revolution Week
Article Name
Earth X Fashion | Celebrating Earth Day 2024 and Fashion Revolution Week
Earth x Fashion welcomes Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week 2024 with ten exciting days of film screening, pop-ups, and fun activities.

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