Sentosa Sensoryscape: A Multi-Sensory Adventure

Sentosa Sensoryscape | New Free Attraction Inspired by Nature
Sentosa Sensoryscape | New Free Attraction Inspired by Nature

Years in the making, Sentosa Sensoryscape finally opened to the public on Mar 14, 2024.

I’ve been looking forward to this new, nature-inspired attraction in Sentosa, ever since reading about it … on the hoarding boards surrounding the site. (Did so when I visited Madame Tussauds in 2022). The intriguing promises of a futuristic, multi-sensory experience aside, I was deeply curious to know what exactly would replace the snarling Merlion Statue that once towered beside Imbiah Station. What would replace the mosaic fountain walkway that connected the Imbiah attractions with the beach, too.

About that fountain walkway, oh how I loved it. It was so always serene and lovely in the evening with the setting sun, water splashes, hypnotic bell chimes, and all. In contrast, the Merlion Statue was just so … phenomenally ugly. It housed a silly presentation, too, with the worst part of the show being how it twisted the “Merlion legend” … …

Sentosa Merlion
Remember this dude? I’m glad he’s gone!

To repeat, I looked forward to the opening of Sensoryscape; was deeply curious to know what sort of “multi-sensory attraction” would replace the horrific Merlion statue and the lovely walkway. Outside of travel curiosity, I think anyone familiar with Sentosa would also appreciate the reopening of an easy walkway between the Imbiah attractions and the beach. On busy and hot weekends, you seriously do not walk to queue for the monorail just for that 350m distance.

And so I visited as soon as I could; specifically, on the weekend after opening day and right after checking out the new SkyOrb cable car cabins. It was a frighteningly warm day. Pretty crowded too with locals and visitors from all over the world at every attraction and eatery of Sentosa.

The skies were spectacularly clear, though, allowing for some nice pre-sunset shots at Sensoryscape. While taking these, I realised, yeah, a lot of thought has indeed gone into the architecture of this new double-tier passageway. Those who can’t get enough of the sun can use the upper deck, while those in need of a cooling moment can use the lower deck, which is sheltered, with seats, and flanked by plants.

Sensoryscape Lower Deck
The lower deck is spacious, with seats, and well-ventilated. There are huge ceiling fans too!
Sensoryscape Upper Deck
Night-time at the upper deck. You get up close and personal with the biophilic structures in a different way.

There are steps at both ends of this new attraction; the southern end nearer to the beach involves quite a climb. But there are ramps, lifts for the disabled, etc. The northern end is also conveniently connected to Imbiah and Merlion (Cable Car) stations.

Visiting the attraction is thus a breeze for anyone; the monorail and cable car literally bring you to the doorsteps. Both decks are also broad, allowing everyone to enjoy the attraction without feeling crowded.

In case you’re unaware, Sensoryscape is completely free. It’s also open 24 hours. (The light show stops at 9.40 pm, though)

Six Themed Zones + AR Experiences + Light Shows

Sentosa Sensoryscape is more than just a fanciful passageway, of course. There are no less than six distinctive themed zones. Every night from 7.50 pm to 9.40 pm, there is the amazing ImagiNite experience too.


ImagiNite features light projections at different zones but it’s more than that. If you download the app, you can experience AR magic at two of the zones. You can moreover use the app to activate the Hyperzoom service at the upper deck. This service allows you to take a “complimentary photo” at the upper deck and then send it to your smartphone.

I didn’t try Hyperzoom during my visit but I did have loads of fun with the AR function. While there are only two zones that are AR-empowered, it adds an enchanting touch of magic to what is already beautiful.

You MUST have ImagiNite installed on your smartphone if you’re visiting, in other words.

Glow Garden at Sentosa
Glow Garden in the late afternoon.
Sentosa Sensoryscape Fireworks
Enjoying fireworks amid giant flower stalks.

Glow Garden

Glow Garden is the southern gate of Sensoryscape, so to speak. It consists of a large flight of steps flanked by oversized flower stalks. Come sunset, the flower stalks are illuminated with rhythmically shifting colours, transforming the entire area into one super-large light art installation reminiscent of those at i Light Singapore or the Light to Night Festival.

Together with the vibrant colours and sounds of the nearby Central Beach Bazaar, the entire surrounding piazza is carnival-like, yet serene and soothing at the same time. Importantly, the highest point of Glow Garden is also the place to be at about 8 pm and 9 pm.

Anywhere on the steps gives you a great view of the twice-nightly fireworks at the nearby Wings of Time show. Though the fireworks are brief, they will be the high point of anybody’s visit.

Palate Playground | Sentosa Sensoryscape
The magical virtual creatures of Sentosa at Palate Playground.
The lush greenery around Palate Playground is a serene corner to retreat to when the main passageway gets too crowded.

Palate Playground

According to the ImagiNite app, Palate Playground “transforms into a feeding ground for the virtual creatures that inhabit Sentosa” after dark.

I completely missed this corner during my first visit to Sensoryscape as it’s located away from the main passageway and only accessible from the lower deck. I.E., you probably need to have a look at the map to know where it is.

It’s a magical corner, still, a quieter grove to retreat to when the other areas get too excited. Stepping onto the projections also activates interactive effects and for kids, this could be like a mini playground. One that is quite photogenic for visitors with better cameras.

Palate Playground video

Symphony Streams | Sentosa Sensoryscape
I suspect Symphony Streams is the favourite structure of most visitors. It is quite soothing to stand at the heart of.
ImagiNite AR
ImagiNite AR magic at Symphony Streams. Once you have the app installed, you simply need to scan a QR code at the structure to activate the effects. Pictures can also be taken and stored using the app.

Symphony Streams

Symphony Streams is one of three eye-catching biophilic structures beside the main walkway of Sensoryscape, viewable from both the upper and lower decks.

It’s a water-inspired structure, something that wouldn’t look out of place in, say, a magical seaside kingdom. Or Atlantis when it’s not underwater.

It’s probably the most soothing place to be, too, after a fiery hot afternoon at Siloso or Palawan Beach! Amazingly, the trickling water sounds cool you just like air-con. (Or maybe I was imagining things …)

By the way, Symphony Streams is also one of the two zones where you can enjoy AR magic. (The other is the Scented Sphere) As you can see from my above picture, Sentosa isn’t exaggerating when they say the zone is a surreal underwater realm after dark.

Scented Sphere
Hanging planters and lush bushes at the Scented Sphere.
ImagiNite Sentosa Sensoryscape
Magical butterflies are the AR effects here.

Scented Sphere

Scented Sphere is at the heart of the decks and going by the name, this zone is all about nature’s fragrances and the uplifting scent of flowers.

To be very honest, the sphere was a little bit too full of sticky and sweaty people “fresh” from the beach so I didn’t smell anything much. (Luckily, I didn’t smell much odour too!)

That being said, Scented Sphere is still a relaxing place to be, particularly so after dark when the ImagiNite interactive projections and AR are available. It gives the impression of an exclusive garden. The symmetrical placements of the plants are also picture-perfect.

It’s a fine place to linger at for more than a few minutes.

Tactile Trellis
Was it intentional? One look at Tactile Trellis made me think of woven fabric. As in, when you examine a fabric swatch under a magnifying glass.
Tactile Trellis Light Projection
The light projection show at Tactile Trellis begins at 7.50 pm, transforming the zone into a magical arena of colours and fantasy.

Tactile Trellis

Tactile Trellis is devoted to the sensation of touch; you’re invited to GENTLY feel the different textured plants here. At night, the woven walls also become the arena for a fantastic light projection show.

If you’re quick enough to secure a good spot, this zone will also feel like an omnitheatre during the projection.

Befitting the magical theme of the projection, there are special spots, too, where you can wave to discover surprises. Instructions including the location of the spots are given in the ImagiNite app.

Lookout Loop | Sentosa
The beautiful Lookout Loop with its dancing laser beams.
Sentosa at Night
The southern buildings of Resorts World Sentosa can be seen as you approach the loop.

Lookout Loop

The northern “gate” of Sentosa Sensoryscape consists of an elevated walkway loop. Underneath the loop are some shops and eateries. At the heart of the loop is also a misty garden. You know, the sort where mists blow out from the ground, and is an absolute riot when swarmed by kids.

The mists aren’t the only attraction either. The “loop” has dancing laser beams that form different patterns. Remember the laser projection shows at The Promontory? Well, it’s something like that but smaller in scale and more prominent.

And at the upper level, you get quite a panoramic view of the southern end of Resorts World Sentosa. In other words, this a good place to be, before ending your visit.

Sentosa Sensoryscape Hyperzoom Pictures
I was nowhere is the Hyperzoom pictures I took!

Update: Hyperzoom

I revisited Sensoryscape about a month later and one of the first things I did was to try the ImagiNite Hyperzoom feature.

My feedback: It’s not as easy as it sounds. One issue is that the upper deck doesn’t make it obvious which lamp post the camera is situated at. I ended up taking zooms of, argg, other people.

Or maybe I was just doing it all wrong.

Anyhow, if you’re keen on trying the Hyperzoom, I think the place to be is the second lamp post after the Glow Garden stairs. As for image quality, it’s decent, but there’s obviously quite a lot of noise after you zoom in.

More Sensoryscape Pictures

Sensoryscape, Singapore
A montage of the beauty of this great new, free Sentosa attraction.
Sentosa Night Attraction
A quieter moment with dancing laser beams in the distance.
Plants to get all touchy-feely with at Tactile Trellis.

Official page of Sentosa Sensoryscape.

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