zipblinds direct Launches Singapore’s First Unmanned Zip Blinds Showroom

zipblinds direct unmanned showroom
zipblinds direct unmanned showroom.

A piece of exciting news for Singaporean homeowners, and would-be homeowners.

zipblinds direct, the first 100 percent online factory-to-home zip blinds company in Singapore, unveiled its very first brick-and-mortar UNMANNED showroom at T-Space, Tampines on Mar 25, 2024. Yup, unmanned. It’s a whole-new zip blinds showroom that’s a Singapore’s first. Soon to incorporate curtains and blinds too.

Building on zipblinds direct’s success as a full e-commerce platform since its launch in 2023, the high-tech showroom seeks to bypass middlemen costs through the integration of technology-driven solutions to streamline administrative processes and automate operations.

This strategic approach results in significant cost savings, allowing the company to offer quality products at a modest price. Representing a bold step forward, the innovative Singaporean brand also introduces the cost-saving “factory-to-home” concept in sun-shading products, marking a new era of convenience and accessibility for all homeowners.

The new showroom is at: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-22, Singapore 528559 (by appointment only). The location is right opposite Ikea and Giant Tampines

zipblinds direct Tampines Showroom
Entry into the showroom is by one-time pin code.

How to Shop at zipblinds direct’s Unmanned Showroom

The unmanned showroom welcomes visitors daily from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm, offering flexible exploration opportunities by appointment.

Upon arrival, guests can effortlessly grab a self-guided brochure that provides concise introductions to each zip blinds model on top of aiding navigation. Adorning the walls are also clear guides and QR codes, seamlessly furnishing visitors with detailed company information, ordering guidance, and access to a comprehensive FAQ page.

This QR code will bring you to a comprehensive FAQ page. By the way, the same site has a useful cost calculator to give you an idea of how much a system would cost.

For additional assistance, a virtual assistant is accessible via QR code on the brochure, ensuring a fully immersive experience.

To obtain a quotation, customers can utilise zipblinds direct’s website calculator and enter their balcony specifications. Upon expressing interest, customers can select their preferred site visit date and time.

Following the finalization of the quotation and order confirmation, customers will receive a link via email to select their preferred installation date and time. This streamlined process eliminates administrative hurdles, providing customers with an effortless experience and cost savings.

How to buy from zipblinds direct
A step-by-step summary of how to buy from zipblinds direct is presented at the new unmanned showroom.

“In a market where entrenched technologies often come with high costs due to layers of middlemen and administrative overhead, zipblinds direct stands out by offering a solution that eliminates unnecessary expenses,”says Mr. Wilson Chew, founder of mc.2* and zipblinds direct. “Our streamlined approach bypasses repetitive human labor costs, ensuring that customers receive the lowest possible cost for their zip blinds without compromising in quality. Recognizing the demand for sustainability products in the market, we incorporated the spring system into our zip blinds, leading to the founding of zipblinds direct to cater to this specific need.”

* mc.2 is the parent of zipblinds direct. The company is a leading supplier of high-quality curtains and blinds in Singapore.

Unmanned Zip Blinds Showroom in Singapore
Shop at your own convenience while enjoying superior cost-savings.

Revolutionizing How Singaporeans Shop for Zip Blinds

The launch of this unmanned showroom transcends traditional retail paradigms, offering a host of advantages to customers:

Ultimate Convenience

zipblinds direct’s unmanned showroom empowers customers to explore and discover their ideal zip blinds at their convenience. Each visitor will be given a one-time pin code to enter the showroom during operating hours. Simply scan the QR code displayed at the door to receive the one-time pin.

Cost Efficiency

As mentioned, by eliminating the overhead costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar showrooms, zipblinds direct can channel all these savings directly to customers, ensuring unbeatable prices without compromising quality.

Moreover, zipblinds direct eliminates all middleman costs by directly selling to the end consumer. This approach further enhances cost efficiency and value.

Empowerment Through Choice

The unmanned showroom allows customers to explore all the blinds selections at their own pace, tailoring their selections to their individual preferences.

R&D in Singapore, Installed with Care

A point of pride for zipblinds direct is that all zip blinds undergo research and development in Singapore.

All zipblinds direct products are also installed by a team of highly skilled technicians who focus on the customer’s best interests and product quality. This approach ensures that every installation is executed with precision and excellence, providing customers with not only affordability but also the utmost reliability.

The EcoZip is zipblinds direct’s “easy-peasy” eco-friendly solution without motors.
Zip Blinds in Singapore
The EzyZip, one of zipblinds direct’s top three selling products.
ExoZip Motorised Blinds
The motorized ExoZip is ideal for homes with larger spaces and windows.

zipblinds direct’s Top Three Selling Products

zipblinds direct’s top three selling products are all on showcase at the new unmanned showroom for all to experience. These are:


  • EcoZip is an eco-friendly, zip-guided blinds system designed for manual operation that integrates a highly smooth and robust spring mechanism, and stop-on-demand technology. Stability is ensured in any chosen position without the need for a stopper.
  • EcoZip comes with the exclusive EcoRod™, facilitating effortless adjustments and access to even higher ceilings.


  • EzyZip is a motorized zip-guided blinds designed for convenience, offering a fuss-free and easy lifestyle.
  • Users can easily control the blinds using a smartphone, voice commands, or set up personalized scenes based on their daily routines.
  • Engineered for minimal noise, EzyZip ensures that adjusting the blinds is a subtle and smooth experience.


  • ExoZip is a motorized zip-guided blinds designed for larger spaces without compromising aesthetics, making it ideal for homeowners with expansive balconies who seek an uninterrupted view.
  • The assembly of blind components and headrails can be done at the user’s home, making the transportation of larger panels to higher-level units safer and more accessible.

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zipblinds direct Launches Singapore's First Unmanned Zip Blinds Showroom
Article Name
zipblinds direct Launches Singapore's First Unmanned Zip Blinds Showroom
zipblinds direct launches Singapore's first unmanned zip blinds showroom, revolutionising the shopping experience with easy affordability.

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