XM Studios and IMMORTALS Join Forces to Redefine Luxury Art Collectibles

XM Studios Partners with IMMORTALS (天神工业)
XM Studios Partners with IMMORTALS (天神工业)

If you’re into American superhero entertainment, Japanese Anime, or gaming, you’ll know.

What was once considered as “toys” is nowadays a much-respected, multi-million collectible industry. With enthusiastic collectors often willing to fork out four-figure, even five-figure sums for limited edition or exclusive creations.

In Singapore, one name that’s definitely synonymous with the pop culture art collectibles space is also XM Studios; you’ll know if you are interested in the market or have visited their amazing Kitchener Complex showroom. (They have a Bat Cave!) The multi-award-winning global design studio is a renowned specialist in the creation of handcrafted luxury art collectibles. They are also a recipient of Singapore’s Emerging Enterprise Award, and were previously awarded ‘Product of the Year’ by Disney and ‘Most Innovative Product’ by Warner Bros. Discovery.

On Mar 27, 2024, XM Studios achieved yet another milestone with the announcement of a strategic brand alliance with IMMORTALS (天神工业), a Chinese company specializing in the design and manufacturing of art statue collectibles based on Japanese Manga/Animation Intellectual Properties (IP).

XM Studios is a licensee ofDisney, Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products, Hasbro, among others. IMMORTALS has under its wing licenses such as Dragon Ball, Blizzard, and Saint Seiya. The alliance thus signifies a pivotal moment for both entities in their pursuit of expansion and innovation within the collectibles industry. It also heralds a convergence of industry expertise and boundless potential in the realm of luxury art collectibles.

This alliance is furthermore a testament to the shared vision of XM Studios and IMMORTALS to capitalize on their respective strengths and resources. With this partnership, both companies aim to not only enhance their creative pipelines but also to cater to evolving customer demands while reinforcing their positions as leaders in the collectibles sector.

“At XM Studios, we are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with IMMORTALS,” said Ben Ang, CEO of XM Studios. “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering unparalleled products and experiences to our global audience.”

“At IMMORTALS, this strategic alliance symbolizes a revolution in the IP derivatives and collectibles industry. We have started a deeper global collaboration here, and more importantly, our collaboration will elevate the experience for new and existing customers” added Kira Sheng, CEO of IMMORTALS.

XM Studios x IMMORTALS (天神工业) Partnership
Ben Ang, CEO of XM Studios (left) and Kira Sheng, CEO of IMMORTALS (right).

Moving forward, both organizations will partner with more creative studios to strategically expand the reach and depth of this alliance. This approach will also serve to mitigate potential instances of harmful competition, allowing each brand to focus on prioritizing and enhancing product development excellence.

To further enhance customer experience, integrated sales and after-sales networks will also be implemented. Joint development efforts will bring forth a new diverse range of collectibles, including ventures into the creation of Original IPs and exquisite Ultra Luxury Collectibles by imbuing traditional Chinese craftsmanship techniques.

The strategic alliance between XM Studios and IMMORTALS has garnered unanimous support from shareholders, too, including AIOX Apex Angel Fund, underscoring its potential for success and long-term growth.

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XM Studios x IMMORTALS Brand Alliance
Article Name
XM Studios x IMMORTALS Brand Alliance
Singapore design studio XM Studios announces a strategic brand alliance with IMMORTALS, a Chinese specialist of art statue collectibles.

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