SkyOrb Cabins | A World’s First at Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Cabins
Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Cabins

This was all over the Straits Times last weekend, so you probably already know about it if you’re a fan of lofty rides.

The 50th anniversary celebrations at Singapore Cable Car continue with yet another new ride experience! An exclusive design, the new SkyOrb cabins are the world’s first chrome-finished, spherical cabins. A breakaway from traditional cabin shapes that immediately spells futurism and elegance.

They come with various ride improvements too. At night, each SkyOrb is illuminated by two halos of dreamy lights. The cabins are also roomier and cooler than the older cabins. The latter, thanks to a thoughtful double window louvres design.

The SkyOrb cabins have drink holders and glass floors too! I don’t think this is the first time Singapore Cable Car is offering such a feature; not according to Tripadvisor anyway. But for riders who love the thrill of “floating” above Singapore’s southern attractions, the glass floor will surely appeal.

And yes, it is indeed like floating. Gazing through that glass floor immediately gives you the feeling of soaring above our southern sights.

SkyOrb Cabins—A Thrilling New Way to Get to Sentosa

As it is a premium ride, there are only seven SkyOrb cabins on the Mount Faber Line. None are on the Sentosa Line.

An upgrade fee is payable too, with the upgrade only sold at Mount Faber Station and Sentosa Station.

I’ll go into more detail about this in the next section. For the moment, let me just share that I rode from HarbourFront Station to Mount Faber Station in one of the older Pokeball Cabins. At the latter station, I switched to a SkyOrb and rode all the way to Sentosa.

Because of this “switch,” I had a clear feel of the cabin improvements. Trust me, the SkyOrbs are indeed cooler and roomier, despite all the shiny metallic surfaces. I didn’t feel warm, at all, despite the blazing afternoon sun outside.

Queuing for SkyOrb Cabins
Let’s start with the boarding area at Mount Faber Station. The actual boarding platform is the same as always but there’s a separate waiting area, with chairs, beside the usual queue. There is a premium, VIP experience to it all.
My SkyOrb approaches! I barely had to wait a minute for it.
Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Cabin Interior
My immediate impression upon boarding the SkyOrb is that it is more spacious than the older cabins. It is definitely cooler too. The metallic surfaces of the interior did not at all feel warm. Each cabin also measures 2.5m tall and 2.3m wide, and can seat up to six guests comfortably.
SkyOrb Cabin Glass Floor
The glass floor is a blast! To be honest, I didn’t expect to join it so much, not till I was over the dense foliage of Mount Faber.

By the way, the SkyOrb cabins are a collaboration between Mount Faber Leisure Group and renowned cable car cabin manufacturer CWA Based in Olten, Switzerland, CWA has enjoyed a long partnership with Mount Faber Leisure Group since the first generation of the Singapore Cable Car cabins was launched in 1974.

Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Upgrade
The Mount Faber Line is slightly short of a mile long. However, it passes over forests, roads, buildings, piers, water, etc.—there is always something different to gaze downward at throughout the ride. Overall, I think the SkyOrb is well-worth the upgrade fee.
Sentosa Aerial View
Of course, the usual aerial views of Sentosa are just as awesome.
Adventure Cove Waterpark from Singapore Cable Car
This is my favourite part of the ride, i.e., when the cabin passes over the striking structures of Adventure Cove Waterpark.
SkyOrb Cabin at Night
The SkyOrb Cabin at night. Lovely, isn’t it? Personally, I think the design exudes a strong Futurism feel. As in, one look and I instantly thought of Star Trek. This cabin wouldn’t look out of place on a Starfleet vessel!

Check out my YouTube short!

How to Ride in a Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Cabin

Again, SkyOrb cabins are only available on the Mount Faber Line, and riding in one requires an upgrade fee. The upgrade is priced at SGD 15/- for weekdays and SGD 20/- for weekends.

You must also have a normal ticket before buying the upgrade; either a Sky Pass or a round trip ticket. The upgrade fee is payable for Faber License members too.

Importantly, the upgrade ticket is only sold at Mount Faber Station and Sentosa Station. It is also one-way only. In other words, one upgrade allows you one ride from Mount Faber Station to Sentosa Station in a SkyOrb, or vice versa.

For those heading down to the Mount Faber Line by public transportation, well, you probably would need to do what I did. Buy the usual ticket at HarbourFront Station, ride to Mount Faber Station, alight and purchase the upgrade, then switch to a SkyOrb. You can, of course, do it the other way around, too, and buy the upgrade at Sentosa.

It’s a slight inconvenience but you don’t end up paying more. The separate boarding area helps with boarding comfort too.

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SkyOrb Cabins | A World’s First at Singapore Cable Car
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SkyOrb Cabins | A World’s First at Singapore Cable Car
The new SkyOrb Cabins of Singapore Cable Car comes with better ventilation, night lights, and a glass floor for an elevated, panoramic experience.

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