Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar and Light Show 2024 (Video)

This year’s Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar, themed “Gemilang Kampong Gelam,” is possibly the most exciting food bazaar in Singapore for March and April.

I don’t think it’s the biggest bazaar; I’ve read that there are bigger Ramadan pasar malam happening at the residential areas. However, as far as ambience is concerned, nothing seriously comes near to a whole street of food stalls and fairy lights on a historical street, with the majestic Sultan Mosque visible from almost everywhere.

Kampong Gelam Food Bazaar 2024
The main food market at Aliwal St is wonderfully festive after dark.

Food prices are reasonable, too—at least, comparable to elsewhere. If you ask me, I think the food selection here is also more varied than the bazaar at Geylang Serai. For a start, there feels to be more stalls.

Speaking of Sultan Mosque, Singapore’s grandest and most visually splendid mosque is celebrating its bicentennial birthday. From now till Apr 5, special light projection shows will be conducted every Friday to Sunday from 8 pm onwards. The performances differ slightly from previous Sultan Mosque Ramadan light projections in that they include archives of the iconic mosque since the 1800s.

Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar—A Singapore Street Food Fiesta

Gemilang Kampong Gelam
The animated entrance to Gemilang Kampong Gelam at Arab Street.
Singapore Kampong Gelam
The whole precinct had a holiday feel to it. There were many diners in the eateries. Lots of souvenirs on sale too. I overheard a Chinese tourist guide comment that it’s like visiting the Middle East.
Kampong Glam Bazaar 2024
The food stalls before Sultan Mosque. Throughout my visit, this stretch was the most crowded.
Aliwal Street Food Stalls
There was quite a hungry crowd for food at the Aliwal Street stretch!
Ramadan Street Food Fair in Singapore
Unfortunately, weird weather hit and it got rainy after a while. But the crowd didn’t disperse.
Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar Food
Here’s a montage of the food and snacks on sale at the bazaar. Other than traditional favourites like Biryani, there were Arabic desserts like Kunefa and Turkish delights. Singaporean hipster snacks like durian pisang too.
Kampong Gelam Ramadan
There’s a sheltered area with retail stalls, dining tables, and a stage as well. This area was really useful for waiting out the rain!
Cashless Payment Systems in Singapore
By the way, most (if not all of the) stalls accept cashless payments. This indoor stall, for example, uses the Qashier POS system.
Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar 2024
Again, the Ramadan Bazaar is magical after dark, thanks to all the lights.
Sultan Mosque Light Show 2024
Last but not least, the light show at Sultan Mosque. To be honest, this year’s show isn’t as thrilling as previous editions, but if you’re looking for light entertainment after Iftar, it is a good way to end a visit with.

Kampong Gelam Mass Iftar Event on Mar 23, 2024

All sorts of cultural performances, and an art exhibition, has been happening at Kampong Gelam since the start of the bazaar.

On Mar 23, i.e., this Saturday, a mass Iftar will also take place at Arab Street at 7 pm. Spanning some 240 metres and a partnership with Eventify, Sultan Mosque, Travel Connect, and Vision21, this is the big event (literally) of this year’s bazaar. Set to record the largest mass Iftar event in Kampong Gelam and with part of the proceeds channelled to Sultan Mosque and beneficiary groups.

Tables are probably all sold by now, but if you’re heading down to the bazaar this Saturday, this is the spectacle to look out for. (Do be respectful with your photos and all that, though)

For more information, visit visitkamponggelam.com.sg. You can also check out the Instagram handles @visitkamponggelam and @eventify.asia for more details.

The Ramadan celebrations at Kampong Gelam ends on Apr 5, 2024.


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Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar and Light Show 2024 (Video)
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Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar and Light Show 2024 (Video)
Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar, themed “Gemilang Kampong Gelam, is possibly Singapore’s most exciting street food fair this Ramadan season.

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