Rently Partners The Working Capitol and Smart City Kitchens

Rently x The Working Capitol x Smart City Kitchens Collaboration
From left: Smart City Kitchens General Manager, Arin Aghazarian, Rently COO and Co-Founder, Siebren Kamphorst, Rently Founder, Dominic Schacher and The Working Capitol Founder & CEO, Ben Gattie.

Fintech startup Rently has partnered with co-working and lifestyle hub The Working Capitol and ghost kitchen services provider Smart City Kitchens to diversify their business offerings beyond residential properties.

The collaboration marks Rently’s formal expansion into the commercial industries and is an extension of Rently Care, a proprietary subscription service on Rently’s app that helps tenants avoid the burden of hefty deposits while also safeguarding against potential rental scams and landlord/tenant disputes.

The multi-industry partnership aligns with Rently’s mission to foster accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in the rental-market ecosystem through deposit-free subscriptions and end-to-end support. It furthermore taps into the rising demand for flexible workspace solutions, affording business owners from solo entrepreneurs to startups to SMEs the ability to access premier workspaces or well-equipped culinary hubs without the burden of upfront financial constraints.

Dominic Schacher, Founder of Rently, said. “We at Rently are very excited for this working partnership with Smart City Kitchens and The Working Capitol, as it allows us to further expand our scope within the rental space. We hope to enable and empower businesses to be able to rent, safely and seamlessly.”

The collaboration at a glance. is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

An Empowering Alternative to Traditional Leasing Models & A Milestone for Aspiring Restaurateurs

Rental deposits and upfront costs are often significant obstacles to business growth, especially so when premium space and costly equipment are involved. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of each partner, Rently Care aims to alleviate entrepreneurial financial burdens by “democratizing” access to co-working and virtual kitchen facilities in an increasingly expensive rental landscape.

“We are excited to enable an enhanced layer of flexibility and support for our members, made possible through our strategic partnership with Rently,” said Ben Gattie, Founder & CEO of The Working Capitol. “This collaboration integrates Rently’s secure and efficient renting solutions into our services, empowering our members with the option to move in deposit-free.”

“This initiative marks a shift in how our members can now allocate their resources more effectively towards the growth of their businesses. More than just providing an alternative to traditional leasing models, our partnership with Rently is set to rethink the way our members can interact with our spaces. We are set to bring in new life into the Telok Ayer and Ann Siang neighbourhoods and introduce this initiative to our expanded portfolio”

Arin Aghazarian, General Manager of Smart City Kitchens added. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Rently. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower aspiring restaurateurs. By joining forces, we’re revolutionising the entry into the culinary world, offering our clients the opportunity to pursue their dreams with minimal upfront costs. Together, we’re removing barriers and paving the way for innovation in the food industry.”

Rently Partners The Working Capitol and Smart City Kitchens
Article Name
Rently Partners The Working Capitol and Smart City Kitchens
Fintech startup Rently expands into commercial properties with a partnership with The Working Capitol and Smart City Kitchens.

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