Art on Vinyl Workshop (Global Recycling Day Edition)

Art on Vinyl Workshop @ FUNAN | Mar 18, 2024
Art on Vinyl Workshop @ FUNAN | Mar 18, 2024

Here’s a great event to attend if you care about upcycling or if you have a whole cabinet of vinyl records that are too damaged to be played.

On Mar 18, i.e. Global Recycling Day 2024, the Art on Vinyl Collective will be hosting a one-hour workshop at Funan. Part of the collective’s contribution towards the plastic sustainability movement to keep worn-out vinyl records out of landfills, the workshop will guide you through the fun process of breathing snazzy new life into 7” vintage vinyl records.

You’ll do your part for upcycling. You’ll also bring home a personalised masterpiece you’d be proud to display.

Best of all, you don’t need to bring old records to join the workshop, too, materials will be provided. However, for every old vinyl that you donate to the workshop, you’ll enjoy a SGD 5/- rebate. Yup. Donate enough and the workshop is free for you!

Register ASAP as there are limited spaces!

Jean Reiki: Art on Vinyl Workshop (Global Recycling Day Edition) Facilitator

Jean Reiki is the creator of Vinyl Pasar™, with Art on Vinyl part of Vinyl Pasar’s upcycling initiative.

Together with other like-minded artists and facilitators, Jean encourages the rediscovery of the purpose of every vinyl record, recognising that these pre-loved artifacts were crafted to be experienced, cherished, shared, and showcased.

Their creative work resides at the intersection of addressing the insatiable consumption and driving the vinyl revival. By empowering the consumer with knowledge before possessing any collectible piece of cultural artefact, the collective strives to encourage a more sustainable approach to enjoying sonic and visual arts.

More details on Vinyl Pasar here.

Pictures from the inaugural Vinyl Pasar in 2023.

Vinyl Art
Upcycling a vintage 7″ vinyl record.

Event Details

Venue: FUNAN Level 1 atrium – open space area facing the steps near to McDonald

Time: Mar 18 (Mon) 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Price: SGD 10.00 + SGD 1.58 Fee


  • 15 min: Intro
  • 30 min: Do it
  • 15 min: One Last Spin

All 7“ Vinyl Records and art materials are provided – just bring an open mind and have fun. You may choose to leave your masterpiece for the communal art project or take it home.

Do dress comfortably too, bring a water bottle, and arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.

Learn how to leave your creative mark on 7” vintage records while making a positive impact on the environment. Register here!

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Unleash your inner artist and turn weathered records into stunning works of art at the Art on Vinyl Workshop, Global Recycling Day Edition.

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