Sodexo Elevates the Workplace Experience with Three Oma-Kaki Menus

Sodexo introduces Oma-Kaki menus to transform workplace dining experiences
Sodexo introduces Oma-Kaki menus to transform workplace dining experiences.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day and the upcoming Earth Day in April, French food services and facilities management giant Sodexo has introduced three “Oma-Kaki” fusion menus to transform the workplace dining experience in Singapore.

A collaboration with illustrious culinary masters Chef Maxine Ngooi, Chef Jordi Noguera, and Chef Damian D’Silva, the co-created limited-time menus will be launched throughout 2024—the third menu is scheduled for Christmas 2024. Each a culinary exploration that blends the traditional with the new, with dashes of the adventurous, Sodexo aims to challenge the traditional landscape of institutional catering, elevating workplace dining into an experience that is positive, refined, and artisanal.

The term “Oma-Kaki” itself is a clever portmanteau of the Singlish word “kaki” (meaning friends or buddies) and the Japanese culinary term “omakase” (“I leave it to you” or “chef’s recommendation”). Embodying the essence of an omakase meal, where customers entrust the chef to curate seasonal specials, Oma-Kaki will deliver memorable epicurean experiences right to the workplaces of Sodexo clients. All three menus will also be available for three months after respective launches.

Abel Ariza, Managing Director of Sodexo MYSG, said. “I’m thrilled that we have teamed up with not one, but three very talented Chefs, each of whom will bring their distinctive style to their menu for the workplace. Oma-Kaki will not only elevate the workplace dining experience but also create a platform for employees to connect, celebrate, and build stronger relationships with each other.”

Sodexo Oma-Kaki Menu Launch
Abel Ariza introducing the mission of Oma-Kaki. To his right: “The Grandfather of Heritage Cuisine” Chef Damian D’Silva, Chef Jordi Noguera, and Chef Maxine Ngooi.

Oma-Kaki — Symphonies of Flavours to Redefine Workplace Dining

Each Oma-Kaki menu embodies a different approach to epicurean dining. In short, the unique menus and their creators are:

Chef Maxine Ngooi Oma-Kaki Menu
Highlights from Chef Maxine’s menu. Clockwise from top left: Thai Sweet Chilli Prawn Toast, Coffee Dulcey Petit Gateaux, Garam Masala Mango, and Banana & Milk Chocolate Gateau De Voyage.

Chef Maxine Ngooi (Mar 2024, in conjunction with International Women’s Day): Kicking off the Oma-Kaki experience is Chef Maxine Ngooi’s menu, which was launched on Mar 8, 2024, i.e. International Women’s Day. The Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Tigerlily Patisserie and Chin Mee Chin Bakery is renowned for her deep understanding of seasonality and diverse global flavours. Chef Maxine’s menu will present classical French pastries with local characters, as well as her intimate interpretations of Asian classics such as Prawn Toasts and Garam Masala.

Oma-Kaki Jordi Noguera Menu Highlights
Highlights from Chef Jordi’s menu. Clockwise from top left: Feta “Envoltini”, Vegan Mushroom Stuffed Peppers, Honey Pistachio Tiramisu, Grilled Souvlaki Skewers with Tzatziki.

Chef Jordi Noguera (Apr 2024, Earth Day): Celebrated for his plant-based cuisines with Spanish twists, Chef Jordi is Sodexo’s Head of Food Platform and hails from a family of chefs whose rich food history dates back more than half a century. Chef Jordi’s menu will highlight his dedication to using fresh ingredients to celebrate his Spanish and Catalan roots. His delightful creations will also pay homage to his culinary and cultural heritage with inventive interpretations, refined techniques, and quality ingredients.

Chef Damian D'Silva Oma-Kaki
A selection of Chef Damian’s specialities. Clockwise from top left: Kosui, Jengagan Pops, Pie Ti, and assorted “kuehs.”

Chef Damian D’Silva (Dec 2024, Christmas Season): The “Grandfather of Heritage Cuisine” and Founder of Rempapa will welcome the 2024 Yuletide season with a menu that blends traditional Christmas flavours with distinctive Peranakan twists. Beyond a culinary journey, Chef Damian’s menu offers a culturally enriching experience, too, with the MasterChef judge sharing the heritage he inherited in his grandparents’ kitchens. This festive Oma-Kaki menu will help colleagues celebrate the year-end in a truly memorable, Singaporean way.

Video reel of the respective menus.

More Than Just Another Workplace Meal

As the face of the modern workplace evolves and becomes more diverse and multigenerational, Sodexo recognizes the importance of fostering positivism, engagement, and inclusivity.


According to Ariza, food has “the incredible ability to connect people across cultures and backgrounds.” The Oma-Kaki menus reflect Sodexo’s commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces, with appreciation for every staff member.

Said Jaspreet Kaur, Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning, Sodexo. “As workplaces evolve faster than ever, it is important for organisations to create an environment that is positive and inclusive. That is why we want to help our customers create transformative experiences for their employees. With Oma-Kaki, we hope to foster a sense of pride and community in the workplace, ultimately contributing to a more engaging work environment for all.”

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Sodexo Elevates the Workplace Experience with Oma-Kaki Menus
Article Name
Sodexo Elevates the Workplace Experience with Oma-Kaki Menus
Sodexo introduces three epicurean Oma-Kaki menus to transform and elevate the workplace dining experience.

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