Sulzer Expands Singapore Presence with Multi-Million Dollar InTecH Lab

Sulzer InTecH Singapore
Dr. Suzanna Thoma, Chief Executive Officer of Sulzer, introducing Sulzer’s mission during the official launch of InTecH.

Sustainability, circular economy, green transformation. These are among the most important concerns of the global economy at the moment, and will likely remain so for a long time.

It’s neither cheap nor easy being green, though, especially for companies incorporating complex recycling or repurposing processes into their operations. Addressing these challenges, Swiss chemical engineering giant Sulzer has established the SGD 10 million Innovation Technology Hub (inTecH) in Singapore, dedicated to the development of precise and more energy-efficient chemical engineering processes.

Situated within JTC CleanTech Three, i.e., part of the Jurong Innovation District, InTecH will pioneer advanced chemical engineering processes. For example, the recycling of polystyrene, EV batteries, and lubricant oils, and the production of bio-based goods like Polylactic Acid.

Launched on March 5, 2024, the laboratory is the Swiss MNC’s first R&D facility in Asia and the second outside Switzerland—the first non-Swiss laboratory being in Montana, USA. This strategic choice of location greatly benefits Asian clients who previously engaged with Sulzer’s Swiss facility, offering geographic proximity for enhanced partnership.

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Investments

As an R&D hub equipped with a full suite of services, InTecH allows Sulzer clients to test and refine recycling methods before deploying expensive assets, a crucial step in minimising risk and maximising capital investments. Beyond process development, Sulzer can also assist with equipment installation, a reflection of its commitment to being an end-to-end service provider.  

Said Dr. Suzanna Thoma, Chief Executive Officer of Sulzer, “InTecH Chemical Processes Singapore is poised to revolutionise the Green Tech landscape in Southeast Asia. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility provides unparalleled access to cutting-edge technologies, empowering manufacturers and processors to innovate and produce eco-efficient, high-quality products. This opening marks a significant step in shaping the future of sustainable technology in the region.”

9-Storey Fractional Distillation Tower

InTecH’s launch solidifies Sulzer’s position as a leader in chemical engineering within the region, supplementing the MNC’s 39-year history in Singapore of supplying engineering components, polymer production equipment, and distillation equipment. The star infrastructure of the lab is a 9-storey fractional distillation tower, described by Sulzer as the tallest for a research facility in Asia.

Built over 10 months, the sheer height of the tower enables the separation of more types of substances, including those with near similar boiling points.

Sulzer's Fractional Distillation Tower in Singapore.
Sulzer’s soaring fractional distillation tower at JTC CleanTech Three.

Outside of the tower, InTecH is fully equipped with Sulzer’s comprehensive suite of fluid separation facilities and analytical equipment, and will feature the MNC’s proprietary technology for thermal separation of chemical components. Advanced chemical analysis techniques for the identification and measurement of compounds after processing are part of the suite of services, too.

With these capabilities, Sulzer aims to offer end-to-end services to a broader client base in Asia, services that range from the development and stress-testing of solutions to feasibility studies, to consultancy and the construction of processing plants.

As a cutting-edge R&D hub for sustainability, InTecH aligns with the SG Green Plan 2030, too, contributing to Singapore’s goal of becoming a leading regional centre for sustainability solutions. The company aims to grow its local team of 150 by 20 to 30 staff over the next three years.

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Sulzer Expands Singapore Presence with10 Million Dollar InTecH Lab
Article Name
Sulzer Expands Singapore Presence with10 Million Dollar InTecH Lab
Sulzer expands Singapore presence with InTecH, a SGD 10 million R&D facility dedicated to developing superior chemical engineering processes.

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