SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb Unify Platforms to Transform APAC Employment

A new, unified, and AI Assisted Employment Experience by SEEK.

Unification and SEEK’s World-Class AI will connect more of the right people with the right jobs.

I think most Singaporeans who have gone online to look for a job or do recruitment exercises would be familiar with Jobsdb and Jobstreet. I certainly am. My very first job interview was secured via Jobsdb. Later on, after I started my graphic design agency, I almost exclusively used Jobsdb for my staff recruitment needs.

These experiences were a long time ago and much has changed in recent years, beginning with the acquisition of both platforms by SEEK about a decade ago. Another major milestone was achieved on Feb 29, 2024, with SEEK unifying its Asia Pacific employment marketplaces—SEEK itself, Jobsdb, and Jobstreet.

This merger empowers all three marketplaces with SEEK’s cutting-edge AI technology, developed over three years and at a cost of approximately AUD 180 million. In the words of Peter Bithos, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, SEEK, one unified platform enables SEEK to now offer its product to millions of people across Asia in an entirely new way, with the ambition of ultimately “helping 500 million people develop their careers with five million companies in the region.”

The unification, by the way, coincides with a 16-year high in global talent shortage. As highlighted by the ManpowerGroup, Singapore recorded 83 percent of employers reporting difficulties in hiring skilled talent (fielded 2023).

What Has Changed With The Unification?

First off, all three marketplaces will retain their individual brands; Jobsdb and Jobstreet are still operating under their usual domain names. (They now look very similar, though) What has changed, instead, is an enhancement of the employment experience for both employers and job seekers.

For employers, the new platform deploys AI models to assess talent suitability and provide highly personalised recommendations by processing data from various sources, data from resumes to job ad descriptions, to employers’ past behaviours. The recommendations are crafted with the objective of enabling employers to hire fast and right. Employers can furthermore expedite the talent shortlisting process by adding AI-recommended screening questions in their job ads.

For job seekers, the job-hunting process is now more efficient and relevant thanks to AI recommending jobs that they are most qualified for based on experience and skills. SEEK’s AI also predicts when a person is likely a strong candidate for a role by showing a top applicant badge, which allows for better-informed decisions to be made.

Here’s a quick summary of the key changes and what they offer for employers and job seekers.

  • Top Applicant Badge
    SEEK leverages AI to predict when a person is likely a strong candidate for a role. This boosts candidate application rates and results in better matches as their experience and skills align with the job requirements. Also improves the relevance of job ad responses with employers getting more qualified applications.
  • Profile Visibility and Approachability
    Talents can choose if they want to be visible or approached by employers (Standard, Limited, Hidden visibility options available). This allows job seekers to signal openness to job opportunities, thus simplifying proactive employer outreach.
  • About Your Next Role & “Right to Work”
    Talents can specify what they are looking for in their next role on top of indicating the right to work in preferred locations. This enables more relevant job recommendations and matches by helping talents stand out to the right employers.
  • Multi-Location Posting
    Employers can post job ads targeting more than one location at a time across the APAC region. This streamlines the job ad posting process and provides APAC employers access to a vastly larger talent pool across SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb. Talents also enjoy access to employers in eight markets.
  • Talent Search
    Provides instant candidate recommendations (up to 100 profiles) with every job ad posted. This important enhancement facilitates quicker and more targeted hiring, allowing employers to reach out to suitable talent promptly and extending their reach beyond active job seekers.
  • AI-Recommended Screening Questions
    Employers can now add recommended AI-based screening questions to job posts. Doing so not only streamlines talent selection but also enables employers to shortlist talent faster by identifying the most suitable candidates based on their responses.
  • Real-Time Analytics
    AI-powered ad performance analytics provides insights on job ad performance, ad usage, market trends, and talent search usage. This is crucial for employers when it comes to making smarter hiring decisions, with deep and actionable insights from SEEK Analytics.

Following the unification program, SEEK will also harness a larger dataset across APAC, a move that empowers its AI algorithms to provide even more precise and relevant matches between employers and talent.


More data processed faster and more intelligently translates into an elevated user experience. This, in turn, expedites the hiring process on the Jobstreet and Jobsdb platforms.

Jobstreet by SEEK Hiring, Compensation and Benefits Report 2024
Ms. Chew Siew Mee sharing insights about hiring momentum in H1 2024.

Jobstreet by SEEK’s Latest Hiring, Compensation and Benefits 2024 Report

Together with the unification of its APAC platforms, Jobstreet by SEEK also released its latest Hiring, Compensation and Benefits report for 2024. The report, which surveyed Singaporean companies, found that:

  • 45 percent of employers surveyed expressed confidence in the job market in the first half of 2024. However, there was a noticeable decline to 32 percent for the second half of 2024.
  • 49 percent of employers were keen on increasing their permanent headcount and around 33 percent of employers also plan to increase their contract staff for the first half of 2024. Reasons cited included business expansion (54 percent) and difficulty in recruiting suitable full-time staff (34 percent).

The report also includes a section on compensation and benefits, and landscape insights revealed in this section includes:

  • More than half (52 percent) of the companies surveyed highlighted salary benchmarking as initiatives they have taken to evaluate and enhance compensation and benefits.
  • 26 percent of hirers factor in inflation when calculating increment.
  • More companies gave out bonuses in 2023 to their employees but only 49 percent of surveyed companies shared the method used to calculate bonus payout with their employees. 
  • 84 percent of surveyed companies rewarded their employees with salary increases in 2023 – however, at a lower increment of 5.8 percent as compared to 2022’s 6.3 percent increment. 
  • Staff promotions saw a rise from 47 percent in 2022 to 59 percent in 2023, facilitating greater career advancement opportunities; with an average increment of 9.24 percent. 

The findings indicate a growing need for employers to connect more effectively with talent across both Singapore and APAC. To address this gap, employers using SEEK’s platforms can now tap into a wider talent pool of over 40 million people across eight APAC markets, while job hunters can access more job opportunities from over 2.5 million employers – including more remote working opportunities.

The findings moreover align with Jobstreet’s data, which shows that “work from home” has consistently been one of the top 12 keywords that talents search for in the past two years. SEEK’s new features can help employers solve these challenges in the upcoming year, and to better plan for their future workforce.

“In today’s employment landscape, there’s a growing demand for specialised skill sets, like care economy skills or digital economy skills. In line with our goal of supporting both talent and hirers, we’re excited to facilitate more tailored and better job matches to address the crux of the problem. Powered by SEEK’s cutting-edge AI, the ability to seamlessly match hirers and talents based on specific skills, job roles, and career aspirations is crucial in Singapore’s highly dynamic and evolving employment landscape,”says Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director, Singapore, Jobstreet by SEEK.

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SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb Unify Platforms and Leverage AI
Article Name
SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb Unify Platforms and Leverage AI
SEEK’s merger of the three jobs marketplace platforms also leverages AI to connect more of the right people with the right jobs.

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